Chapter 3: Impassioned Bastard

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(Angel Rose Viggorino)

I stared at him rather gaping after his words sunk into my foggy skull. "We will be leaving tonight," he announced.

"Pardon me?" I asked incredulously. My brain doesn't want to process what he's talking about. I saw his jaw tightened, and he stared at me darkly, his prominent scowl deepens.

"You will come with me, si?" he rephrases, his tone lowers a notch, yet too deep, and more dangerous than the former.

I will be leaving New York, with this deadly man, the thought didn't sit well with me.

"How about my family?" I croaked.

Well, all I have was my aunt, my mom passed away just after dad died. She died in a car crash, so my aunt Estella took me in her care. She and her son were the only families that I have, ever since.

And since then, my life turns into 180 degrees. I was forced to do the things I'm not used to. My parents sheltered me, so imagine the surprise to learn things I've been deprived of knowing.

And it only stops when my parents passed away and my cousin was there to guide me to learn things in reality since my parents were too protective of me, trying to keep me away from danger as much as they could. I never truly understand what possible danger could ruin me until the death of my father. A truth that opens my understanding why they hid me from the society, from the real world. My father was one of the mobsters in New York and the reason he was killed.

My sheltered life stops since my parents passed away and my cousin was there to guide me to learn things of reality since my parents were too protective over me, trying to keep me away from danger as much as they could.

My thoughts drifted back to the imposing man across the room, wearing a dark aura. He stared at me for a second, his eyes stripped of any emotion. His cold stare sent shivers down my spine, leaving me in dread, yet at the same time, a part of me were excited.

I cannot believe him. How could he be so heartless? Did he ever consider that I have family waiting for me?

And, I've never been out of the country, nor face any danger until the other night when I entered his room faking as a chambermaid. That made me realized the chambermaid's clothing I stole in one of the open lockers in the maid's room. I only shove it under the sink in his mini kitchen.

"We will be back, just only for a few weeks," he drawled huskily as he stared at me intently, dragging me out of my thoughts. I saw a faint emotion flickered on his hypnotizing eyes. "Mason will escort you back home, so you can retrieve some clothing if you wish and your passport, si?" He explained curtly, his face hard and no traces of emotions other than coldness. The scowl on his face becoming prominent as the seconds passed. "Don't try to escape, mio angelo pericoloso, my radar can reach even the most secluded place, capisce?" he warned with his thick Italian accent and I swallowed hard, his low menacing tone had me nodding without thinking.

"Good, girl!" he smiled, and I blink. His palm taps my right cheek twice in a very gentle manner, and I just gawk at him.

Was that actually his smile?

Before he turns on his heel, his deep scowl was back all over his face. I thought I was just imagining things. He would smirk, perhaps, but not a happy smile.

I saw his back leaving and just then like a switch, my whole system switches on to work. "Wait," I called causing him to stop mid-stride, and then I bit my bottom lip when he turned to look at me with his prominent scowl he always wears.

I swallowed hard and tilt my head a little up with defiance. "I can't leave my family," I said a little too soft than I intended to be.

"You have no choice, mio angelo pericoloso," he gave me a mysterious smile and my temper flared up. I strode forward as I glared at him venomously.

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