Chapter 33: Ballistic

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"Pick up the goddamn phone!" I grumbled under my breath, staring through the heavy tinted window. The phone just kept on ringing. "Fuck it!" I hissed as I ended the call.

I slammed my eyes shut as I leaned back against the backrest. My heart still pounding in my ears as fear gripped me.

Could it be Tristan who planned this?

He doesn't want her to go, to begin with.

Perhaps he thought I'm gonna screw this up, so he abducted her. At least, he should have called me.

I snapped my eyes open, then started tapping on the screen. I dialed Angel's number, but it kept ringing. I dialed her number again and again, but it only rang.

"Fuck it!" I growled under my breath. I dialed Tristan's number again, and just the same, it went to his voicemail.

I waited until the woman was done talking. "...leave your message after the tone."

"This is Isaias. Angel didn't make it to the tarmac, and she's missing. I swear to God Tristan, if you planned all of these, I'm going to kill you!" I grumbled then ended the call.

The car stopped in front of our building. I quickly climbed out of the car and strode purposefully towards the entrance door. Without glancing at the security stationed at the door, I headed towards the lift. 

Mason approached me as soon as I entered the room. "Derek didn't make it to the hospital, boss. And followed Amir five minutes after," he said, his voice strangled.

I stopped and faced him. His shoulders sagged as he met my dark, cold gaze with his spiritless ones. His face marred with an anguish of losing his buddy.

I placed my palm on his right shoulder and gave it a soft pat, extending my sincere sympathy. Amir had been a good employee and friend to Calder. Ever since that job they did in Monaco, they became inseparable.

"We will find whoever killed him, and I will let him pay twice of what he owed," I promised, pulling my hand back and drop it on my side, then clench it tightly.

"Logan," I barked, turning to face several of my men scattered in every corner of the training room. My jaws tightly clenched, it is starting to ache as I roamed my eyes around the room. Counting and naming each one, and I find a few missing. My lip pressed tightly into a grim line as I tried to recall all their names.

This is the moment where I need my memory to be clear, precise, and sharp, but names for some reason was hard to memorize unless I hang out with them often.

"Where are the others?" I asked, turning my gaze to Logan who had been with us since Delta Security Agency started.

Calder spoke. "Donatello and Amir's brother, Akim is still in the hospital."

"Where is Phillip?" I asked. Logan and Calder shared a look of confusion, rather uncertainty.

"I haven't seen him since yesterday," Logan replied.

Calder shook his head. A prominent crease tucked in between his eyebrows.

"Vaffanculo!" I growled as I lifted my hand and ran my fingers through my thick hair.

Dropping my hand to my sides with a fierce gaze, "FIND HIM!" I roared ferociously and strode firmly towards my office.

I'm going to fucking kill him slowly if he betrayed me!

My feet were thudding heavily on the floor.

A lot of possible suspects flashed through my head. One is the President.

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