Chapter 20: Innocence

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(Angel's POV)

"I didn't know you are an innocent witch, Piccola," he grabbed my hand and placed a gentle kiss against my knuckles tenderly. He stared at me with dark hooded eyes, his muscles strained, and I don't know if he's angry, but he looks like he's constipated, his breathing a little heavy. "Don't do that again, I might not be able to control myself, capisce?" he admitted, causing me to stared at him a little scared.

Did he meant to hurt me?

He probably read my eyes, he let out a soft chuckle, tenderly tracing the outline of my jaw with his thumb, he spoke calmly. "I didn't mean to hurt you, I would never do such," he rectified my thoughts, and I smiled sheepishly, ignoring the dizziness overtaking me, and the puke that's threatening to come out. "I meant to take you right here, right now," he clarified, his darkened eyes, filled with fire.

Take me here? Like sex. Like of that Christian Gray.

The thought caused delicious tingles traveled down my spine.

I would love him to kiss me again, to know how it feels like to be touch by him like that Christian did to that girl, Anastasia. The thought was so tempting, and I felt hot and tingly.

As soon as we reached our destination, the elevator smoothly stopped, he held me by the waist as we waited for the door to slide open, and he led me to the familiar door as soon as it did.

Déjà vu hits me as soon as we were in front of the door. And the urge to puke became persistent. As soon as the door swung open, I quickly ran to his room, and straight into his ensuite bathroom, staggering a little bit.

"Angel!" Isaias followed me, panicking. I didn't bother stopping or looking behind me as I ran towards the toilet bowl, but before I could reach it, I retch all over me. The putrid smell assaulted my nose, and it triggers another attack, then I hunched down, throwing up all whatever I had at lunch. After I threw out all the contents of my stomach, I felt dizzy. I felt the need to sit, otherwise, I'm going to collapse.

I swear I will never taste that drink again.

"Fuck, Piccola!" I heard Isaias' panicking voice as he came in, striding towards me. "Are you okay?" he asked worriedly, then comes to a halt when he saw what happened. He quickly stood beside me, and before I could sit on the cold floor, he curled his hands around me, not really caring of the smell of my vomit, then led me to the shower. I was leaning against his side, everything around me seems to spin now, and I could hardly keep my balance anymore.

"Let's get you showered before I'll tuck you into bed," he murmured softly, his voice were so gentle, I wanted to cry in happiness. Who would have thought such rough, brusque Isaias could be soft?

I was so helpless, I could barely stand on my own feet, I had to lean against him as he undresses me. Modesty hits me, but at this moment, I care not, I'm not going to sleep smelling like vomit, and I'm sure, I won't get out from the shower without getting injured judging my present state.

"Don't ever drink next time, you can barely stand on your feet!" Isaias growled softly against my ears, and I giggled.

"Why won't I? I need to drink water, otherwise, I'll die," I giggled staring up at him, his gaze turns colder. He wasn't amused at my playful retort, but I didn't budge.

"I mean, alcohol!" he snapped a little angry, I could tell he was holding his temper.

He's so temperamental.

I grinned, I'm really enjoying his distressed. He looks so hot when he's angry. I don't know why. "Then I couldn't get this close to you," I teased, I wasn't aware of my playful actions.

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