Chapter 27: Fifty Shades of Angel

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Angel's POV

As soon as our dinner was over, I didn't wait for him. I quickly rose from my seat and ignored him when he called me. He was grumbling incoherent profanities as I left him standing next to Megan — the red-haired beauty, who was charming the whole time and served us with grace — waiting for the small machine to process our bill.

I felt him behind me as I stalked out of the door, unable to greet back the lady host who was standing next to the door when she thanked me.

"Piccola!" he called out, catching up on me. I felt his fingers around my wrist, then gently tugging me, causing me to stopped mid-stride.

Snapping my eyes at him, he swallowed hard. "I don't understand why are you so wired up when someone was just obviously being polite. Shaking hands was a plain warm friendly gesture, and you're being rude." I snapped furiously, yanking my wrist out of his tight grip, and drop it on my side.

"He wasn't shaking your hand?" he pointed out cautiously, and my eyes crinkled into a slit.

I cast him a withering look that even the evil would feel sorry. "I'm sorry," he said softly, but I can feel that he wasn't really sorry, at all.

Shaking my head in resignation, all the while eyeing him steadily. "Fifty Shit starts soon," he smiled sweetly, causing me to burst into giggles, irritation forgotten.

"Fifty Shit?" I giggled, and he let out a soft chuckle, dropping his hands on my waist. He pulled me closer to him, and leaned in, pressing his lips on my forehead. I briefly close my eyes, letting the warmth of his lips reached my heart.

As soon as his lips left my forehead, I looked up and caught him grinning boyishly.

Oh, my poor heart. Isaias is grinning boyishly.

Collecting myself together, I grinned cheekily. "Fifty Shades, Mr. Grumpy!" I corrected between soft giggles, and he just chuckled.

A fake coughed broke us apart from the spell, just then I realized that we are blocking the couple trying to pass us.

Isaias stood next to me as we let the old couple passed by. "Sorry," I apologized sheepishly, and the lady just gave me an understanding look.

Isaias led me back to his black Lincoln car and helped me get in the passenger seat. He even buckled me up like a kid, and I suppressed my disapproval.

I hate that he's treating me like a kid, but I don't want to ruin this night. I stifled the urge to argue with him, knowing that it's impossible to win with him.

I'm just happy he agreed to let me work with Martino. Honestly, I'm scared upon knowing that he was once sued for rape, but then again, he wasn't found guilty.

And if ever, maybe it's time to use what I've learned from Tristan. It's time to stand on my own. I'm tired of being called innocent all the time. I'll show them that I'm not, that I can protect myself against anyone.

The drive was long, a heavy traffic in front of us moving slowly, and it's frustrating him.

He was mumbling string of profanities as he tailgated the sleek white Honda Civic in front of us.

As soon as the slow traffic moved faster, he stepped on the gas, overtaking the slow white Honda in front of us, swerving here and there. His driving skills surprised me.

Was he a car racer before?

I was holding the bar handle above my head for dear life as I stared at the blurred cars as he zoomed past them. I just hope no cops driving around. My body was starting to shake as fear gripped me. I couldn't even find my tongue as I watched the road passed by like a blur. Adrenaline rush hits me from head to foot, heart pounding furiously against my breastbone.

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