Chapter 9: Past Catching Up

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(Isaias' POV)

I stood upright as my boss walks in. He motioned me to sit and I complied quietly. Within the days, months, and years I worked with him, learned a lot from him, I slowly becoming like him. And he openly told me that he adores me more than his own son, but I kept my mouth shut. "I don't need you on this trip, Isaias. You can hang out with my son for the meantime. You deserve a good rest," my boss Claudio Santorini said as he stuffs all the papers in his suitcase. I nodded my head and exited his office quietly.

I decided to go home to my adopted parents. I haven't seen Gian in three months now after that job Claudio gave me. As much as I hate to go back to that house, but I love the old man dearly.

"You're back?" Mrs. Romano's eyes twinkled as she opens the door wide and I reluctantly walks in, ignoring the wicked smile she was throwing me. I'm starting to feel claustrophobic, and she's the only one that made me feel as such.

As the days passed, my hate grew even deeper. If not with her good-hearted husband Gian Romano, I would have left them years ago. He maybe not my real father, but he was the best father I could ever ask for. He welcomed me with an open heart, love me, and treated me like his own son, and I owe him a lot. The only reason that kept me stay.

And just because he loves her so much that I couldn't stop her madness. It breaks me every time, but I was under her palm and she knew that well. I was young, vulnerable, unloved, and she took advantage of it.

"Where's Gian?" I scowled darkly as I strode into the small house and took my coat off, then hung it on the hook behind the door.

"Oh, he's with Claudio." I stop midway of taking off my shoes as I stared at her cunning smile. "I'm glad he came with him and you were left here," she giggled like a schoolgirl and I felt my skin crawls out of my body.

I quickly put my shoes back and straightened myself, then grab my coat. "I should go then, I'll be back when—"

"I know what you are doing, Isaias," her voice were cold cutting me midsentence. I stared at her with a deep scowl as I shrugged my coat on, a little harshly. Here we go again. Using me her old cunning stunts yet it always works.

"I can't do it anymore, Agata," I replied coldly. I felt gagging whenever I thought of her riding me, when she kissed me.

"Of course you can?" she smiled evilly. She took her robe and it slides down her still sexy body despite her old age. I had to look away. "Look at me, Isaias. I may be old, but I can satisfy you like any other young girls. I could do better than they are, I promised." She steps forward, her hips swayed sexily, her huge boobs bounces. "Unless you want me to leave Gian. You know, he's too old to pleasure me, to satisfy my needs," she stops in front of me, then took my hand and places it on her boobs.

I gulped audibly. I hated the idea, shagging my adopted mother, but when I touch her body, I couldn't control the strong urge rushing to my lower region. And then the thought of her leaving Gian.

Gian loves her so much that he always talks about her, that she was his life, and she's the only reason why he's happy.

"I can feel you, Isaias. I can smell your desire, don't deny it baby boy. Take me, let me pleasure you," before I knew it, she was already kissing my bare chest as she undone the buttons of my shirt. My rational head was once again flooded with desires.

"You smells so delicious, taste so sweet, addicting," she whispered heavily as she grazed her teeth against my nipples, then drag it down to my abs, licking and kissing it hotly, causing me to let out a soft groaning sound of reluctance and at the same time, succumb. Pleasures starting to overwhelm me, consuming me.

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