Chapter 5: Surprise

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Isaias's POV

"He just left his mansion, escorted by his two securities, and heading now to La Vigna Segismonda in black Maserati." Mason relayed. I nodded as I carefully screwed on the silencer, then adjusted the bipod, to completely set up the Titanium built rifle. "I'll give you a beep when there's a problem. Stay alerted," I stressed icily, and end the call. I threw the screwdriver — I used in assembling the rifle — in the black bag where I have all my things for this mission and started positioning myself.

This rifle had never failed me. Fires five rounds in 1.6 seconds which is a faster rate than most would even get close to and had proven that for three long years. So far, the maximum fires I've ever made is two. It was silent but deadly, it can track and take out at a target from half a mile away. It became my baby next to my tracking point rifle. I only used that, when my subject is moving, because it has the ability to lock the laser and can track the movement of the object.

Taking the binocular out of my black leather coat, I look again at the average looking open balcony of the La Vigna eatery where Alfonsini is meeting his friend, the man he thought was his friends and partners. The man who wanted his friend dead.

I smirked. I threw in the binocular inside the bag.

I stretched my leg as I shifted my position, trying to stay hidden in the middle of the wheat farm in the mountain where a perfect spot to see the vast grape yard below, a mile to the decent size old eatery of la Vigna, located five kilometers at the entrance of the vast vineyard.

Even after the shooting, nobody would find me.

Crouching lower, I lay on my chest, my elbows supporting my upper body's weight, my eyes on the telescopic scope, watching the unknown cars entering the famous vineyard. The vineyard is open for tourist, one of the oldest vineyards in Sicily.

I felt the sweat starting to trickle down my forehead and my back. The fiery ball in the sky, glaring harshly over the horizon, reflecting over the golden unharvested wheat. I pulled my hood farther down my forehead when I felt my phone vibrating. I accepted the call using my Bluetooth. "Speak," I started gravely in my lowest timbre, frustrations clear in my tone.

"They just arrived," the voice replied. "So I can see!" I scowled at the telescope as my eyes followed the old tall Alberto while talking to another man in a suit. He was holding his favorite black wooden smoking pipe. They were led by one of the staff inside, and I clenched my jaws as they disappeared into the rundown eatery, uttering strings of profanities as I waited for them to come out to the balcony.

One of the information I gathered, this place is already a tradition to him, having lunch at this old eatery. He lives like thirty minutes away from the place, which made me wonder, what's so special about the place.

Not long, I saw his back and his two other securities joining him at one corner of the long rectangular balcony facing the vast vineyard. The back of the staff is facing me, and I started sighting the range, then input it in the data in my scope, steadying my grip without touching the trigger yet. Still sighting the target range until I was sure I had it accurately, then slip my index finger into the trigger guard and gently touching the trigger while maintaining accuracy range, then fired.

The familiar muffled sound of the rifle is like a music to my ears, causing me to smirked with pride. I saw the people panic as soon as Alberto drops, his white crisp shirt full of blood. One of his security quickly attended him while the other was holding his gun, his eyes scanning the crowd. All the people were on their feet scurrying here and there, with fear, in their faces.

As I was about to tear my eyes away from the telescopic scope when a guy in suit caught my attention. He was sipping his coffee like there's nothing happened, reading his magazine.

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