Final Chapter: The Proposal

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Three months later...

I stared at the ring I personally ordered. A design she wanted, an Antique inspired Marquis diamond ring. Enna said, it was almost the same design as Catherine Zeta Jones' engagement ring. I have no idea who she is, but the ring was indeed beautiful, and it has to be. It cost me almost three million for this ten carat diamond stone.

I put the ring back in the black huge square box with gold lining on the edges and a gold ribbon on the center.

It probably cost me a few gran for the box only.

I shook my head and quickly handed the box to Logan. It's impossible to hide it in my coat's inside pocket.

We are heading now to the house I had just bought.

A week after Lucca's death, we buried him next to the body of my grandfather and Celestina's parents.

Batiste had admitted that Lucca was behind the death of Celestina's parents, and my grandfather knew about it. And a few years later, my grandfather found out that Lucca deceived him by playing the role of Luigi, and so Lucca orchestrated his death and hid their bodies in one of the the wine storage rooms.

Three months had passed, all the D'Antonio fortunes had been transfered to my name, even Luigi's inheritance, he had passed it on to me. He just wanted to enjoy his remaining years with my mother, that's all he wished, but I wasn't ready yet to take over any of the D'Antonio's companies. I'm not ready to leave the company Vito and I had established. Luigi agreed to run it for five years, then it's time for me to take over, and I acquiescently agreed.

Now we are back in New York.

Angel is at the flower shop, and Enna was helping her out, more like accompanying her so I can see the development of the house I had bought a month ago. I had it renovated. Made a lot of changes; the masterbedroom was doubled in size, they added three guestrooms too, a sunroom, and a lap pool.

It's almost done, and I can't wait to show it to her.

When we came to see the house, pretending it was Vito's, she got so excited. I almost wanted to tell her it was for her but I reigned myself. I would have ruined the proposal plan.

"Engineer Muhammed is waiting for you, Boss," Logan said as soon as we are inside the car

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"Engineer Muhammed is waiting for you, Boss," Logan said as soon as we are inside the car.

"Then lets go." My voice was flat and full of sarcasm. He knew we are heading to the place, he had to remind me.

Logan started the car ignoring my arising temper and soon we are heading out of the city where I found a nice four bedroom house with a huge backyard. The backyard caught my interest.

I pulled my phone out and dialed Vito.

The phone kept on ringing and I was about to give up when I heard Vito's growl.

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