Chapter 2: The Heartless Man Ever Known

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(Isaias' POV)

I ignored the beads of sweats constantly dripping down my forehead, chest, and back, soaking my plain white t-shirt as I concentrate on hitting my target. I felt so restless, but my energy seems never dwindling for what seems long hours. My knuckles and legs started to feel burning especially the injured knee, but my frustration hasn't diminished.

I felt a bit muscles strained, but it didn't stop me to execute another roundhouse kick after almost two hours of sweating from boxing and kicking. Aside from the muscle strain, I feel fine I could last all day if I want, but my innocent killer has to eat.

"Boss!" It was one of my men. I ignored his call as I pulled my hand backward and effortlessly swinging it with full force at the target and landed a huge blow against the black punching bag — hanging in the middle of the ring. Stepping a little back more, I pivoted on my lower foot, turning my body so that my kicking leg moves toward the target. Extending my leg in a sudden but smooth motion, snapping it forward, without leaving my eyes at the target until my leg is fully extended. My knee is still somewhat bent as my leg hits the target, delivering a maximum power. My leg connected to the black bag, the powerful kick caused the bag to swing a little and created an over to the top punching sound.

I heard an applause from the audience, who was in the same room — mostly my men. I crouch down and pass under the red rope and jump down off the platform with a scowl.

Amir approached me as I headed to the changing room — one of my men working with me in the security agency — while removing the 180" hand wrap or wrist wrap to protect my knuckles from injury. I hate gloves. I'd rather use hand wrap, or nothing at all when I'm doing my boxing exercise. I want to feel the target as I execute a punch, it feels satisfying.

I took the towel he gave me and handed him the wrist wrap. We walk side by side to the changing room as he relays to me the information I needed.

I grab the water Calder offered as we passed them, another man who works with me. The Delta Security Agency is a ten story building, equipped with facilities for training in every level or martial arts, boxing, and for training our best snipers.

"What do you have?" I asked Amir as soon as we are out of hearing circumference as I slung the towel around my neck. Unscrewing the lid of the bottle, I downed it until nothing is left.

"She's Tristan Marconi's cousin, boss," Amir started, and I suddenly look at him as I come to an abrupt halt. Shoving the empty bottle against his hard chest, he took it quickly. Another wave of anger builds up in my system. He looks startled and steps back a bit.

"Are you sure?" I glared at him.

I had him background checked, and I didn't hear anything about his cousin by the name of Angel Rose Viggorino.

I resumed walking as I scowled at oblivion, my legs all too familiar with the surrounding even if my eyes were closed. I've been working, rather living in this building for ten years. Vito and I established the DSC ten years ago, when we both realize this is who we are, a protector and at the same time, a killer.

I came to a halt and face Amir, right in front of the entrance door of the changing room. "How are they related?" I frowned. Amir stops apprehensively and faces me. "Angel's mom was Tristan mom's sister. They didn't grow up together. Angel's mom was an adopted," he explained intently.

"That make sense!" I nodded.

I did a background checked on him. He is the head chief of the Valiente security agency, owned by Rafael Valiente. Recently. It was transferred to his name since Rafael wants to give his full attention to his growing family. I wonder why he agreed to join us when he can run his own. I need to know his game. If he's Angel's cousin, then it only meant one thing, he must be plotting something and I need to find out. Tristan is a nice guy, but as they say, keep your enemies closer. I have this feeling he is brewing a plot against me.

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