Chapter 22: Offer

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Note: Mafia's Vocabulary

Button — a soldier, or hitman who does the execution

Mark— targeted person

He's on the spot — up for assassination

Contract — order to murder an individual

caporegime — significant mafia family leaders

Sit-down — meeting


Isaias' POV

"Glad you're here!" Gio got up from his seat and approached me, giving me a brief hug, I returned it, still not with my usual self. Vito followed and hugged him back mindlessly.

Pain rippled through me as realization settled in my head. She's gone, and probably forever. She will never come back after telling her that I killed her father. Who would want to live with someone who killed their father?

"SAI!" Gio called out my name, snapping me out of my lost thoughts, turning my head and face him, I met his inquisitive eyes.

"You let her go?" he guessed, disapproval underlying his tone, and I nodded briefly in confirmation.

I clenched my jaws as fresh pain slashed through me when I thought of her. I felt like she took half of me, and now I can't even think, I can't function well. It felt like there's a big hole left in my heart, and she has the piece that fits that hole.

"She's gone," I mumbled softly, staring through Gio, then I let out a chuckle that sounded bitter to my ears trying to ease that pain rippling through me.

Vito gave me a disapproving look, frowning deeply at me. "You look lost. Let's seat," Gio guided me to the seat he just vacated, and then watched me sat down with deep concern etched all over his face. He patted my shoulder gently, "we will settle this," he added, glancing at Vito briefly, then back to me. "You should at least consulted us, Sai. We are here to help. And letting go of her wasn't an option. I know how it felt like to let someone you love more than your life go. I understand why you look lost, amigo. Let's get your woman back!" he proclaimed with such determination. I just nodded my head, not really grasping what he meant. The word 'lost' stuck in my head.

He was right.

I was lost.

I felt damn lost.

"Logan!" Vito barked. Logan swiftly appeared from the group of the men gathered in the room, grabbing some of my attention.

"Start finding every possible hideout of Martino Constantini!" he ordered gruffly. "And you," pointing at Mason "if you can drag to me Mr. D'Antonio, it would be great!" he demanded gruffly, "he can give us a lead towards that bastard," he growled gravely, and Mason nodded stoically.

"Hugh!" Gio called out of one of our best snipers or the mafia's button "Find the mark , he's on the spot!"

I stood up causing everyone to look at me. "He's mine!" I growled to no one particularly. Vito gave me a look of disapproval. "You don't look like you're ready to go out there, Sai. You'll likely to screwed this up!" Vito said disapprovingly. "Enough that you let her go, don't make another drastic decision when you're not quite in your mind!" Vito grimly protested, and I scowled at him darkly.

"He's.mine!" I insisted menacingly between gritted my teeth.

I gave him a hard scowl. I'll get that Martino, and I'll show him how it works, my way. "He's mine, and no one will touch him. I'll bring him to hell myself!" I growled lethally, my whole body shaking with rage, hands clenched tightly into balls, teeth grinding, my jaw felt strained from clenching it tightly as anger arises.

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