Chapter 16: Movie Night or Move Night?

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(Isaias' POV)

Dinner was done, and relief filled me. I can't wait to leave the place with Angel and have her by myself. I've been wanting to take our leave since the two never stop teasing me, but she's enjoying chatting with Enna, and sometimes, with Devito, and I badly wanted to wipe that charming grin out of Vito's face.

"Are you alright?" I instantly snapped my eyes at her as soon as her sweet, worried voice reached my ears. She looks at me curiously, and I felt my lips curled up, a semblance of a smile, as I nodded.

"Yes! I'm—"

"He's jealous, Angel," Vito's smug tone cuts me off, and I threw him a hard scowl, but he just gave me a nonchalant look as he grins at her, his boyish grin that always charms almost all these women he interacted with.

When I look at Angel, she looks at me intently, her cheeks slowly turning into a shade of pink. "He's a very bad joker!" I muttered softly, and she giggled softly, and it is like music to my ears, warming my cold heart, and I felt like my stone heart suddenly melted into a pool of puddles.

I love the way she smiled at me like I'm the only man in her eyes, and I want to fucking flip with happiness.

Damn, I never felt like this before. Just merely her smile could affect me so much.

"Fucking whipped, man!" Gio guffawed, and Vito joined him. The two laughing boisterously catching all the attention around us, and I just scowled at the two.

"You guys are being a bully now." Enna butted in, glaring at the two, especially Gio, while the latter was trying to stifle his laughter after earning a deathly glare from his wife. "Don't mind them, Sai," Enna gave me a comforting smile, and I just gave her a neutral look, sighing momentarily as I drifted my eyes at Angel who was staring fondly at my friends, watching them as they both tried to stifle their laughter.

"I think I need to drop Angel soon before her aunt gets worried," as I stood up, and Angel stared at me with a disapproval etched all over her face.

"Oh, that's a shame. We actually planned something tonight? Like a movie night perhaps? We already booked the whole room, you know? Triple date?" Gio solemnly looked at me, but I caught a glimpse of mischief in his face, as he drifted his eyes at Angel.

"I'm sure my aunt won't mind if I stay longer, Isaias. I'd like to watch a movie," Angel beamed at me, her eyes sparkling with excitement, and I reluctantly sat back beside her, and nodded hesitantly.

"Great! Now guys, please behave, let's leave Isaias alone." Enna grinned elatedly at me, then she stared at Angel with her eyes shimmering with joy matching hers. "Thanks, Angel. Now the three friends are together, we can also chat," she chirped.

"Yes. Of course, and the night is young, I don't mind staying out late. My aunt surely be sleeping by then when I get home," she rambles and Enna nodded enthusiastically, not knowing what comes next.

So much for the date I've planned, having her by myself. It seems that not only my friends was annoying me, but now, Enna was taking her attention away from me.


Gio insisted on paying our dinner, but I didn't let him. It's supposed to be our damn date, and I will pay every single cent, so I stubbornly insisted on paying everything.

We all headed back to the parking lot, and drove to the biggest theater.

"Your friends are all fun and sweet. I like their company," Angel said as soon as we hit the road. Gio's car was ahead of us, with Vito and his company on our tail.

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