Chapter 45: Loyalty

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I swallowed furtively, then forced out a chuckle. "Of course not," I said. I felt relieved for my steady voice.

The president's eyebrows raised, signifying he wasn't convinced. He inclined his head to the side with his intrusive green eyes with golden flecks around his irises peering at me. The familiarity of his eyes, the same eyes as Isaias bothered me, yet the danger beneath that stare was so clear, it made my insides queasy. Though the smile on his face didn't wither, I could still feel the hidden agenda in those smiles.

The hair at the back of my neck stood up, screaming at me to turn around and ran away from him.

But I stood my ground. There's nothing to be scared of. He can't touch me. Not when Isaias' men are just somewhere, hopefully close.

"I'm with LOGAN OF COURSE!" I exclaimed, my voice rising, furtively calling for attention in case Logan or any of the men who were watching me was somewhere close. My voice came out a little shaky to my frustrations. I just hope he didn't notice it.

And Logan appeared out of nowhere to my relief.

"There he is!" I grinned when I saw him approaching from our right.

"They didn't have to, you are safe here, of course!" The President chuckled, and I gave him a fake smile.

"I'm just surprised to see you alone. I know how protective my son of you, it was surprising to see him nowhere close to you," the President remarked, and my eyebrow went high up.

Lifting my shoulder into a half shrug, I met his gauging eyes. "He'll be back soon," I said with a high confidence I could muster.

"I'm sure," he agreed as he bobbed his head.

"Luigi!" Celestina called out as she stormed inside, her face flushed with anger. Antoine was at her heels.

She only gave me a brief glance before resting her fury gaze back to the President. She was gnashing her teeth, her eyes spitting fire as she spoke. "How could you?" she gritted out, clenching her hands at her sides.

"Let's talk in my office," the President said and turned on his back before Celestina could agree, and strode off.

Celestina gave me an unfathomable look. "Stay close to Logan, Angel," she reprimanded, then she nodded once at Logan. The latter nodded back at her in response. She followed the President in haste. I could tell she was furious.

I gave Logan a questioning look, and he just looked at me stoically, his face gave nothing away.

"You need to go back to your room until the boss is back, Ms. Viggorino," Logan said, and I regarded him first before nodding my head slowly.

As we walked towards the stairways, I asked Logan. "Did you see the man in the room?" I asked him.

He gave me a disapproving look before he responds flatly. "I know you are very curious, Ms. Viggorino, but meddling with the President's business and staffs is not wise. You'll put yourself in danger, and I'm sure if something happened to you, we all likely be thrown into hell by the boss itself." Logan's spine steeled as he spoke, his tone hardened.

At some point, I understand him, but the other part of myself was telling me that they are all overacting. Though the President seemed off, I know he won't do anything to me when Isaias' securities were flanking me.

I turned to look at Logan, and he was frowning. He was one step behind me. "I heard the butler called him Sir, that means to say the man is one of their bosses," I whispered, enough for Logan to hear.

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