Chapter 38: Ambush

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"Do you really hate me that much, momma?" I cried out, pain erupted from my side throughout my frail body. I curled up in a ball, my hands wrapped around my bended knees, shaking as tears draining out my tear ducts, yet another night.

"Does it make any difference, Lorenzo? Will it satisfy you if I said I hate you? Are you happy now that you know I hate you? That you reminded me of your heartless father? That I should have killed you even before you were born, you and your fucking father!" she said in one breath without blinking. Her eyes were hard and as cold as she is.

Memories that I buried deep within me for long years, that I'd never want to remember, they all resurfaced one by one, flickering in my head like flashing lights.

"Momma, please don't do this!" I begged, holding the man's leg as tight as my hands could give. Every kick of his leg to attempt of shaking me off him, an overwhelming burning pain traveled through my spine, but I clung to his leg like a leech.

The man peeled me off his leg, my glistening eyes begging my mother. Those cold eyes were now filled with sparks, hungry eyes looking at the man who was enjoying the pleasure she can give.

My hands tightened around Angel as I slammed my eyes shut, forcing to blocked out my head of any unwelcome memories. If only I could easily shake them off.

I felt Angel's full weight against me, and I leaned back with her against my side, pulling her even closer to me, and snuggled her against me. I pressed my lips on the top of her head.

I didn't mind the smell of her hair, I love everything about her, and even then she would smell like earth, that won't keep me away. I love all of her, even the dirt underneath her toenails.

"Siamo qui, Mr. D'Antonio." We're here, Mr. D'Antonio. The driver announced. A soft growl escaped my lips upon hearing that name again.

The car was already parked in front of a fine dining restaurant. Several walkers passing by with no care what was going on around them.

I stared at the building, the facade of the restaurant screamed of money. Even a nobody could tell just by the face of the building.

"Entra e ordinate il loro menù speciale." Go inside and order their special menu. I instructed in a curt tone, and gingerly pulled my wallet out of my pocket, but Romi already hopped out of the car before I could give him money.

Shaking my head, I gingerly stashed back my wallet in my pocket, all the while watching Angel, not wanting to wake her up.

Just as I settled down on my seat, I heard a loud gunshot. All my systems perked up, muscles tightened as I peered out the heavy tinted window and didn't see Romi. Then I caught his body laying on the ground. Blood oozing out of his head. His eyes were wide open, and from where I am, I could tell he's dead.

"Fuck!" I growled under my breath. My heart beats spiked up, glancing at Angel who was still sleeping with her head bent low.

I shifted my body facing her to cover her in case a bullet goes through the car and briskly drew out my gun from my ankle holster. Peering through the window, watching keenly where the shooting coming from, my gun pointing at the floor as I grabbed the top frame or the slide and push it back. I briefly peeked into the ejection port making sure it's loaded fingers off the trigger. I released the slide as soon as I saw the round golden metal, then peered through the window again, adrenaline rushed through my body and taken over me. My heartbeat picking up.

Another few rounds of gunshots and I leaned in, making sure Angel wasn't suffocated, concealing her with my body. My eyes looking through the rear window, I saw Logan running to the other side of the street with a few men.

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