Chapter 24: The Town Square Lights

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I collapse tiredly on a bench by the shoe store we just conquered.

"Why do you drag a pregnant girl all over creation! This should be illegal!" I complain. Ash rolls her eyes. Logan laughs as I glare at the two.

"Ugh. Forget you then." I say and stand up.

"Where do you guys wanna go now?" I ask them and pick up my many bags. I think I bought enough to have a whole new wardrobe.

"You wanna walk around main street and look at the displays?" Ashley asks while she grabs her bags and Logan picks up his few things that he bought with his allowance, I also got him some stuff that are in my bags.

"That's cool with me. Logan?" I say. He nods.

"Sure. But we have to get going. Mom expects us home at 8:00. It's almost 7." Logan pipes in. We nod and exit the mall and get in my car. I hum along to the christmas songs as Ashley and Logan talk.

Every Christmas season, the people who own shops decorate their displays in their window and their shops, and then people look at them. And if you down own a shop, you can hang an ornament on the tree that they put up in the town square. It's an awesome tradition. And then some people in the town hand out cookies and hot chocolate as you walk around. And then on Christmas Eve, they throw a party sort of. Everyone gathers in the town center, and we hang out. Of course they have outdoor heaters and all. It's a great way for the community to bond.

I pull up by a curb and park before getting out and admiring the pretty lights. They illuminate the night, and make the snowflakes possible to see. The big blue Christmas tree the the town puts up every year, is dominating time square.

"Hey, when are we gonna to the winter festival?" Ashley asks and gets out, looking at the lights.

"Um, I think in the next few days we'll be going. But it sucks that I can't do anything fun there. Not even the swings!" I say and rub my bump as we walk around.

"They're normally isn't much to do. It's a festival, not a fair. There will really only be games, so you won't miss much." Logan says. I pull him close to me and rest my arm around his shoulders.

"Yeah. But you get to go on bumper cars without me nugget!" I say and ruffle his hair, I seem to do that a lot lately.

"Hah! We get to go and you don't!" Ashley sings, coming up next to us. I shove her and we all walk and look at the stores decorated in lights for awhile. I let Logan run off to the bathroom, and Ashley and I sit down.

"It's sad that the baby isn't here yet. I want them to be here!" Ashley whines. I laugh and shake my head.

"I think they should wait just a little longer." I say and rub my bump. The smell of hot chocolate and cookies invades my nose as Logan comes out.

"Wanna get hot chocolate and cookies? Then we can sit in the gazebo." I suggest. They nod and we get our stuff before walking towards the lit up gazebo.

"Logan, how are you and that girl? Heather I think?" I ask him and sit down, resting my legs on the bench outlining the structure.

"We're cool." he says and shrugs, sipping his hit chocolate. I smile and shake my head as he blushes slightly.

As we talk, I think about the festival. It's another tradition for the town. We throw a Winter Festival every year, and every other year I help out with it, but I helped last year, so this is my free year. And it's good timing considering my situation, or would it be better if I had a free year next year? Maybe the baby could hang with me, they'll be a few months old by then. I don't know. But I go every year and enjoy myself. There's always tons of games and it's really fun. But it doesn't take place in town square because of the decorations. It takes place on an empty lot at the edge of town.

"You guys ready to head home?" I ask them and stand up. They nod.

"It's getting chilly and I'm ready to go home and pass out." Ashley says and stands, throwing her trash away, Logan follows in suite. We soon reach my car and get in.

"Ash, do you want to go to the bookstore with me tomorrow?" I ask her. She nods and turns to me.

"Yeah, and oh, ooooo! You wanna go to the movies? Please, please, please! They're showing Christmas movies all day, we have to go!" she says. I roll my eyes.

"Sure. They always serve special stuff besides the normal stuff they sell when they have Christmas showings." I say and turn to Logan.

"You wanna come?" I ask him with raised eyebrows. He shakes his head.

"I made plans with Jack to go to his house and play video games with our other friends." he says. I nod and turn back around, starting to drive home.

We rush inside the house and take off our shoes, happy to be in warmth.

"That you kids?" My Mom shouts.

"Yeah Mama!" I yell back and follow Ashley as Logan runs upstairs. We walk into the kitchen and sit down.

"How was your day?" she asks us. We shrug.

"Good. We went shopping and then went to see the lights in town square." Ashley sums up as I look at the one message that has left me stunned all day.

"Sounds fun, were they pretty?" My Mom asks Ash. I set down my phone as she nods.

"Yeah. The tree was amazing." Ashley says happily. My Mom nods.

"It is. I saw it the other day. They change the color every year. Last year the tree was what, red?" My Mom responds and directs the last part to me.

"Yeah. My favorite was when it was pink a few years back." I answer her.

"That was really pretty. But, what are you girls doing tomorrow?" she asks.

"Spending the day at the theater watching the Christmas movies." Ashley says and chews on an M&M from the bowl on the counter.

"Sounds fun. Logan going with?" I shake my head.

"No, he's going to Jack's. I think I'm gonna shower and go to bed, long day." I say. They both nod and hug me goodnight. I head up to my room and turn on the hot water, and plugging the drain so it doesn't go down. I want to take a nice, relaxing bath tonight.

I pour some scented bubble bath in as the water rises and I exit the bathroom and grab my fuzzy robe before returning and turning the wafer off and get in the bath, letting my muscles relax. I rub my bump and hum along to the song playing. I relax for a bit, but I must wash off. So, I lather my hair with my shampoo and conditioner and then wash my body shorty afterwards, and then rinse off.

I finish up and drain the water and put on my robe. I exit the bathroom and walk to my closet and look through my lotions before deciding on a cherry blossom one and pick it up from its designated spot and walk to my bed and apply it. I close the cap when I finish and put it back before pulling out some fuzzy reindeer pajama pants with a shirt that shows off my stomach.

I sit down at my vanity and blow dry my hair and brush it before grabbing my red and white nail polish and skip to my bed. I grab my laptop and turn on a christmas movie I found on Netflix and start painting my nails with the red, sparkling nail polish. I paint all my fingers red, but paint both my ring fingers white and then put Rudolph on them. I let them dry and watch the Christmas movie.

After they dry I walk downstairs. I really want some milk and oreos. The lights are all turned off, because everyone went to bed. So I turn on the hall light and kitchen light and quickly pour my milk and cookies. I hear a creak and whip around a shadow approaches me. My heart beats rapidly and I grab the steak knife and duck behind my counter and climb into a cabinet quietly and shut the door as the footsteps approach.

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