Chapter 26: Broken And Mended Relationships

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I wake up and the sound of a heart monitor, and the smell of antiseptic are the first things that I'm greeted with. I sit up and rub my eyes and the door opens, and the pack doctor, Wesley, enters.

"Hey Morgan." he greets softly. I nod at him and look around.

"Why am I here?" I ask him. He sighs sadly and sits down.

"I have some bad news Morgan." he starts. My baby! My hands go to my stomach.

"My baby! Is it okay?" I ask frantically. He rests his hand on my arm reassuringly.

"Your baby is fine, don't worry. I actually have some news on her." he says and looks at his papers.

"No, I don't know the gender. If my Mom or cousin said-" I say but am cut off when he smiles and shakes his head.

"No, I know. We did an emergency ultrasound, we used the more high tech stuff. Congrats Morgan, you're having a baby girl!" he says gladly. I smile and relax. A baby girl. My baby girl.

"So what was the bad news?" I ask with a smile on my face. His features darken and he looks at me sadly.

"I'm sorry Morgan, but Cole marked someone else." he says softly and rubs my shoulder. I look at him in shock.

"What? No! I just saw him last night, he said he loved me!" I say. Wesley shakes his head.

"I'm sorry Morgan. It's true. That's what caused you to faint, when a mate marks someone else, the other mate can feel it. It causes so much pain and can put them in a coma. You were lucky and just fainted. It's like your body shuts down from a broken heart." he explains as my tears fall. I nod and stand.

"Thank you Wesley. Can I please go home?" I ask him. He nods.

"Yes. Just don't think about him to much." he says as he leads me out. When we enter the waiting room, my Mom, Ashley, Logan, and Emily all rush to me. I haven't spoken to Emily in forever, why is she here?

"Oh baby, I'm so sorry." My Mom says and hugs me, along with everyone else. I nod sadly and pull away.

"Can we please go home? I just want to be at home." I say sadly. Mom nods and we all walk out. Emily and Ashley catch up to me.

"Listen Morgan, I'm so sorry for everything. I was mad that you didn't tell me. I was going to come over today and apologize, but then your Mom called, and I came here. I am really sorry, please forgive me." Emily explains. We stop at the car. I nod and hug her tightly.

"I missed you Em. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you. I wanted to, but I was afraid of what you would think. Please forgive me." I say, muffled by her beautiful red/brown hair. She nods and I feel tears fall on my shoulder. I pull away and wipe her tears away and laugh, but it soon turns into a cry and I look at Emily and Ashley sadly.

"Why would Cole do that? I mean, he said he loved me, we're having a baby. A baby girl." I say to them. They both look at me.

"A baby girl?" they ask at the same time. I raise my eyebrows.

"Is that all you heard?" I ask them. They nod. I sigh.

"Yes stupid, uncompassionate people, it's a girl." I say to them. They squeal and hug me. I laugh and hug them back before getting in the car.

"Why are your friends the first to know that your having a girl, and not your mother?" My Mom says as she sets down her purse. I bite my lip.

"You heard that?" I say nervously. She laughs and nods.

"I was going to tell you in a more formal way then in a parking lot." I explain. She shrugs.

"Forget it. I'm having a granddaughter for pete's sake!" Mom says happily and hugs me. Logan enters.

"What about it being a girl? Am I the last to know? I'm always the last to know." Logan rambles. I laugh and nod, ruffling his hair once again.

"Sorry dude. It's a girl. But your not the last to know. That jerk is." I say he nods and returns to his games. I sit on a chair next to the island and pull out my phone. I un-follow Cole on Instagram. Childish, I know. But I don't want to see pictures of his new found mate, at least we won't have the bond anymore. He has no hold over me. And it looks like he doesn't want his daughter, so no strings left to tie.

I'm free to move on now, like he did. And there's nothing he can say about it. Like, when did this thing with this girl happen? Last night I was with him. He had no other mate but me. Did he do this to hurt me? Did he just mark a bed buddy to hurt me? I shake my head. He wouldn't do that to me. I'm carrying his child. He wouldn't, couldn't.

I get up and walk to the family room where Ashley and Emily are. Ashley and Em have known each other forever due to me. We're all a group of friends. They're besties, and I'm besties with them. It's nice to know I have more people to lean on when I need someone. And it's nice to know that my little girl will have people who love her so much. Her Aunt Ashley already loves her. And Aunt Em is falling in love. I steal some chips from Emily and snuggle up with them under the fort they made and watch the movie. Happy, knowing that she will have amazing people in her life, even if Cole isn't one.

My pillow moves. Pillows don't move! I open my eyes and see Emily is actually my pillow. What the? Oh yeah! We fell asleep in the middle of Frosty the Snowman. How many days till Christmas again? I count on my fingers. 2 days. Not that far away. Just hang on a bit longer. Emily stirs again, and opens her eyes. I sit up and stretch while yawning.

"Morning." I say through a yawn. She waves tiredly and yawns as well.

"What time is it?" she asks me in her morning face. I run my hands though my hair and look at the clock.

"9:40." I say lay back down, curling up in a ball. Emily smacks me.

"Hey! Leave me alone!" I say to her. I sit up and look at a sleeping Ashley.

"Should we wake her?" Emmy asks me. I shake my head and turn on Disney Channel. Emily and I like to watch it together. Girl Meets World comes on and we lay against each other, watching the two best friends on screen with my best friends beside me.

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