Chapter 28: Parties, Hurting Heart, And Hot Guys Hiding In The Woods

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"Come on kids, it's time to get ready." Mom says to us as we sit in the couch, laughing at some stupid commercial. We nod and continue laughing.

"When that, when the mud fell on him and he just laughed, the actor was totally not happy with that!" Ashley says between laughs. My mom claps her hands together.

"Come on guys. Go get ready!" Mom says sternly. We regain composure after our laughing frenzy and nod frantically before getting up and run up the steps to my room.

"I don't know if I wanna go to this party. I'll have Cole rubbing his new found love in my face." I say and sit down on my bed, looking at my hands sadly. Emily rubs my shoulder soothingly.

"If he does, I'll kill him. Right Ash?" she says. Ashley looks up and nods.

"Yeah. And besides, you still have his baby, and technically you're still his mate." Ashley says. I look up confused.
"What? He marked someone else, I'm not his mate anymore." I explain to her. She shakes her head and sets down the shirt she was examining.

"Yes, he did mark her, but you will always be mates. The moon goddess made him for you. You're made for him. Even though he marked this b***h, your sparks will still be there, and the pull towards him. So he's still your mate. You're property. You're territory." she says and returns to the outfit she was looking out. She digs around in my closet, and pulls out a sequined skirt.

"Can I borrow this for tonight?" she asks me. I look at the outfit she laid on my bed. It's my black blazer, a black loose fitted blouse, and a black sequined skirt. It needs something. I walk to my sock drawer and pull out some black tights (outfit above).

"Here, add this to the outfit, now change." I say and point to the door. She smirks and kisses my cheek, grabbing the outfit. She turns and walks into the bathroom to change. I turn to Emily.

"You brought your dress right?" I ask her. She nods and pulls out the dress, I shake my head and cover my eyes while smirking.

"No. I want to see you in it, not holding it. Now change in the guest room." I say and point to my door. She laughs and leaves the room. I remove my hands and walk to my closet and dig through my outfits before finding the perfect one. My Grandma gave me this dress, and it can fit over my bump! I grab the dress and heels that will go with it perfectly and put it on. It's a red, scoop neck, with a princess skirt, I paired it with black stiletto heels (outfit above). I look in my full body mirror. I don't know what I want to do with my hair. I'm tempted to leave it down, but it doesn't suit the outfit to leave it down. So I do what any normal human being would do, I look on pinterest. I scroll through hair ideas until I find one that catches my eye. This looks good.

I brush out my hair and grab my hairspray, bobby pins, hair ties, heat resistant spray, and my curler. I spray the heat resistant and then turn on the curling iron. I let it heat up and look through my makeup supplies. It pings, letting me know it's heated, so I pick it up and begin to curl it. I finish up quickly and put it in a curly side bun (picture above). I put the bobby pins in and spray my hair for good measure so it stays in place.

I turn off the curling iron and put everything away before skimming through my makeup and deciding on the products I want to use. I apply my foundation, concealer, and charcoal colored eyeshadow. I grab my eyeliner and do a winged design before putting on some chapstick, then applying a smokey red color to my lips, and using my black lip liner to trace the outline of my lips and then adding some gloss for effect.

I finish up just as Ashley exits. I look over her outfit. She looks stunning. The skirt shows off her curves fantastically. She paired the outfit with some black pumps she found in my closet. Her hair is flat ironed and put up in a half up half down do (picture above). Her makeup is similar to mine. She has on the foundation, concealer, and blush. But her eyeliner is winged brown, and she has the winged eyeliner technique perfected, when mine is merely satisfactory. Her lipstick is a bright, eye catching red, instead of my dark red. She looks, just, wow.

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