Chapter 33: He Can't Hurt Me Anymore

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I hug her one last time as I wave goodbye. Uncle Jack and Aunt Mel got in early this morning, and were unpacking until noon, when they came and got Ash. We all came here and helped unpack, well everyone else unpacked, I couldn't do much. Now it's around 5:00 and Logan, Mom, and I are all going home.

"See ya in the morning girly. We have school!" Ashley says with humor. I laugh and nod as I turn to my Aunt and Uncle. I missed them so much. And Aunt Melanie was so happy to see my belly, she can't wait to meet her.

"Bye guys. I'm coming tomorrow! So expect me to barge in!" I say with a laugh, they laugh with me and nod before hugging me, well, kind of. My bump got in the way.

"Okay. Just, don't break the door please. It's new." Aunt Melanie says to me. I nod and wave goodbye before exiting the house behind my family.

"You ready to see your brother everyday?" I ask Mom. She laughs and shakes her head.

"At least Aria isn't here. I don't know if I could love through that." she comments.

Aria is my Mom's younger sister. Aria is 26 I think, and a wild flower. She travels the world without a care and has one night stands with exotic men, the life I once dreamed of living, but not anymore.

My Mom is the oldest. She's 42, making her 2 years older then Uncle Jack who is 40. She's 16 years older then Aria, and Jack is 14 years older. I'm not quite sure how old my grandparents were when she was born though.

We enter the house and I kiss everyone goodnight before jogging upstairs and getting in the shower. I finish up after washing away all the sweat and dirt, and throw on a t-shirt (maternity of course) and some sweat pants before curling up in my inviting bed.

I wake to the sound of my alarm clock. I sigh and roll over to turn the stupid thing off before getting out of bed (with much struggle may I add) and doing my business. I wash my hands and walk to my closet. What can I wear when I'm five months pregnant? I sigh and grab my dark blue jeans with a grey sweater that has a pink flower design on the neckline, and my white converse.

I brush my hair and throw it in a high ponytail before throwing on some lip gloss and chapstick with eyeshadow and blush. I've been lazy with makeup lately.

Walking out of my room, I enter Logan's and pull the blanket off the bed, causing Logan (who was rolled like a burrito) to fall with it. He shoots up and looks around frantically until his eyes land on my laughing figure and gets up and playfully punches my shoulder. I laugh and retreat downstairs and grab some cereal when I hear the front door open.

"Good morning peeps!" Ashley's voice echoes through the house. She enters the room and I wave at her as she grabs some food for herself and sits next to me.

"How did ya sleep?" she asks me. I shrug.

"Okay I guess. My stomach got in the way a lot, but I'm good." I say and put some cereal in my mouth before taking a gulp of milk. She nods.

"Did you get your room set up yet?" I ask her.

"Sadly not. I ended up sleeping on a blow up because I didn't want to get everything out of order, plus, my mattress is against my wall." she says and eats from the fruit bowl she made. I shrug and put my bowl in the sink as she finishes and follows me to grab our bags.

"What can ya do?" I say and pick up my bag before exiting the house and getting in my car.

I pull in a spot before getting out with Ashley. The familiar chatter of students and smell of cologne and perfume invades my senses. We enter the school and I spot Emily right away by her locker. We walk over to her and I lean on her locker. Walking and standing takes more effort now with the extra weight of her. I take a deep breath and try to melt into the locker. I should of stayed home, but there's a test today, and I can't miss it.

"Hey." Emily greets through her yawn. I wave tiredly and close my eyes. We're all to sleepy to communicate.

I open my eyes, it's too loud. I begin trudging over to my locker, which is so wonderfully placed next to Cole (note the sarcasm). I grab my heavy books and stuff them in my backpack before turning, and silently, my heart breaks. I shake my head as I watch Cole making out with May. Manipulation my a**.

In reality, I know I have no right to feel hurt. I hurt him time and time again. So I take a deep breath and tell sadness to move over, because it has no place here.

I hold my chin high and walk off. He can't hurt me anymore.

Hi guys! I missed writing this! Sorry it's late, and short.... But I received multiple comments asking me to update, so here it is! Reason for not updating is because I have been spending time with my family, I missed them so much!!!!! But anyways, I have been spending every day at the beach or in the pool, and writing this in between. But I am so relaxed! Finally! I am stressed all the time because of school work during the school year, and in summer I am stressed about getting chapters up. I love writing, but it can get stressful. Plus, my on going Hunger Games fan fiction, is no longer holding interest, so that's constantly in the back of my mind, not to mention every other story I abandoned. I am so nervous that people will hate me because I don't update, and I'll lose views and all. I just hope this book holds interest for you guys! I love writing it so much, and I have so many ideas! I know it's going so slow, but don't worry, everything will speed up soon! I appreciate all you guys for sticking around throughout the wait! Vote and comment, means a lot!!!!!

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