Chapter 19: Shopping, Big News, And Fake Angel

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I look in the different windows in the stores throughout the mall. The bags on my arms swaying back and forth. You guessed it. I'm shopping. Even if Emily ditched me on shopping, I still needed more clothes for when I get bigger. Mostly sweaters since it is getting cold, and because they cover my bump the best.

I do the math. It's now November, almost December, so therefore, I have 6 months left till the baby is born, and school is out, the doctor said the baby should be born in late May, or early June. So, I will need 6 months worth of clothes that will fit my stomach. I sigh and rub my belly, wishing I could fast forward so I can have my body back.

"Oh look! We have to go in!" Ashley shouts happily, pointing at Baby Gap. I sigh.

"Fine. I need to start sometime anyway. Let's go." I say and walk across the space and into Baby Gap. I'm greeted by the sound of baby cries, tired looking mothers, and lots of baby items. My eyes stay glued to the mothers in terror. Am I gonna look like that when the baby comes?

"Relax, you won't look that terrible." Ash reassures. I nod frantically and steer my eyes away, and look at anything but the mothers when my eyes land on the clothes. I walk over and look at the different choices as Ashley skips over happily, holding a onesie and skirt.

"Ash, I don't even know the gender." I say and gesture to the skirt.

"I know! But I have this feeling it's gonna be a girl, and it's so cute! Plus, what's the harm in buying it? If the baby is a boy, you can save it for your next kid. Please!" she pleads. I roll my eyes.

"Fine. But who says I want more kids?" I ask her. She raises her hand.

"Me!" she says happily. I sigh and grab the little onesie and look at it. It really is cute. It's a pale pink onesie saying 'Got It From My Auntie Obviously' in gold and black lettering. It's paired with a black diaper skirt with ruffles, and a small black headband with a gold bow (outfit above). I smile slightly as I look at it. Classic Ashley. She hands me a basket, and I hold onto it and throw the outfit in.

I look around some more, until my eyes land on a grey onesie with a quote from one of my favorite movies. In pink and black letters, it says, 'Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner'. Classic Dirty Dancing. I was waiting for this quote to show up on baby apparel (outfit above). I put the outfit in the basket. I need it. Absolutely need it.

We leave the Baby Gap with 3 bags filled with six baby outfits (all above) and a few clothes for me. The baby clothes are all girl, but hey, they were cute. Like Ash said, if I have a boy, I can just save them for my next kid.

"So, what would you think if my parents and I moved here?" Ashley asks. I look at her.

"Why? Are you?" I ask with a big smile. She nods happily. I jump into her arms and hug her tightly while squealing. My favorite cousin is moving here!

"We can hang out all the time now! When are they coming? Where are you gonna live? Hopefully close! You should come to my high school!" I rush out happily after pulling away from the hug. She laughs.

"Um, they're coming in a few weeks. But I'm staying with you until they come. We already have a few houses to choose from, but two are on your street! One is even the house next door! And of course I'm going to your school! I start Monday!" she says happily. I squeal again and hug her tightly.

"We can have sleepovers every weekend, and then we can move in together when we graduate!" I say happily and pull away with a big smile. She nods.

"And I get to be there to watch little baby grow up!" she says and rubs my stomach. She is the only one allowed to touch it besides Mom, but she doesn't really, and when Emily starts talking to me again, she will be able to. And maybe Cole, if I feel generous.

"How do you feel about that little one?" she asks my baby. I laugh as we walk to the food court.

"What do you feel like having?" she asks me as we look at our choices.

"I want Wendy's!" I say happily and drag her to the stand for my favorite restaurant. We order quickly and receive our food before sitting down.

"So, what classes you taking?" I ask her. She pops a fry in her mouth.

"Um, like 2 AP classes, but the rest are normal. I also joined Cheer." she says. Ashley always loved Cheerleading. I nod.

"What AP classes?" I ask her.

"Um, Reading and Language and History." she says after pulling out her phone and checking her school schedule. I nod and take her phone before looking over her classes.

1- Mr. Wilhem: A.P. History
2- Mrs. Peters: Chemistry
3- Free Period
4- Mr. Crawford: A.P. Reading and Language.
5- Mr. Lawrence:Math
7- Mrs.Weigand: German
8- Coach Free: Swimming
9- Coach Treyson: Cheer

"I have Free Period with you, 4th period, 5th period, Lunch, and 7th. So that's good." I say with a smile and give her back her phone. She claps and takes her phone.

"Yay!" she says happily. I laugh as we talk about random things and eat, when the smell of Chanel perfume invades my senses.

"Hey Morgan! Why don't you introduce me to your friend?" Angel says with a smile. I roll my eyes.

"Angel, meet my cousin, Ashley James, Ash, meet Angel West." I introduce them. Angel smiles at her and shakes her hand. Ashley smiles back.

"Nice to meet you." Ashley says as she releases Angel's hand.

"Nice to meet you too! Do you go to Wescott High? I'm sure I wouldn't have missed such a pretty face!" Angel says, and grabs one of Ashley's loose strands.

"No, but I'm starting Monday. And thanks for the compliment." Ashley says as Angel plays with her hair.

"Excited to see you. Is this color natural?" Angel says. Ash nods.

"It's pretty. Anyways, you should totally join the dance team. It would be awesome to have you. I'm team captain." she says while her followers shoot daggers at me.

"Aw no thanks, I'm already on Cheer, but thank you though." Ashley responds. Angel nods and lets go, still smiling.

"You're welcome. And I wanted to invite you to my table to sit with us at lunch. I have to get going, but nice meeting you, see ya on Monday!" Angel says as she leaves without another word and Ash looks at me when Angel is at a good distance.

"Trouble?" she asks. I nod and drink the last of my soda.


Hi! So, happy that Ashley is here to stay? I am! I hate Angel so much though! Acting all nice and stuff to Ashley! Like bull crap sister! Get a life! Anyways, vote and comment, means a lot!

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