Chapter 41: May Abbott Makes A Visit

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2 Weeks Later....

My eyes fly open at the sound of a baby cry. I groan and sit up, why am I stiff? I look around. I'm not in my room. I glance at where I was just laying. I fell asleep on the couch.

I must of fallen asleep while watching tv. I look over at the baby swing where Leah is crying. I sigh and pick her up from the swing. I sit back on the couch and begin feeding her.

I have begun to recognize what she wants based on the type of cries. Like, if it's more of a whiny cry, she's tired, if it's a whimper type, she's tired? And if it's a screeching type, like we just witnessed, she's hungry.

I finish up and she begins falling asleep in my arms. I smile down at her and set her in the swing and turn it on slow so she falls asleep easier.

I relax and fall back on the comfy couch and close my eyes. The darkness is about to grab me, when the doorbell rings and Leah cries.

"Errrr!" I groan and stand up before shushing Leah and calming her before walking to the door and flinging it open angrily.

"What?" I spit out before looking at the person. I glance back and immediately regret my words.

In front of me, stands May Abbott, Cole's new mate. "Sorry, thought you were someone else." I say with an embarrassed smile. She may be Cole's new mate, but that isn't a reason to hate someone.

"It's okay, I kinda showed up outta the blue huh? You know what, I can come back." she says and points to her car. I shake my head.

"Oh no, you made the trip. Please, come in. But can you be quiet? My daughter is sleeping." I say. She nods and steps in the house.

"Your home is beautiful." she compliments. I smile and lead her into the living room and glance at the sleeping Leah.

"Thank you. It's my mothers obviously." I say. She nods and soon notices Leah.

"Aw! Is that your daughter?" she asks me with a small smile.

"Yeah." I say in response. I am getting a feeling that she doesn't know Leah is Cole's kid as well.

"She is so adorable." she says as we sit on the couch. I smile at her.

"Thanks. She looks more like her father though." I say. No need to state that it's your mate at all.

"Who's the father? If you don't mind me asking." she says. Crap! I shake my head.

"Oh, no one. Just some guy at a party. I was drunk." I lie. She nods.

"I think she looks a lot like you too. Not the skin tone or eye color, but her features. She definitely is your daughter." she says. I smile at my baby.

"Yeah. I guess." I respond before looking back at May.

"So I came here with a purpose. Cole has told me, that you guys have a history and such, and I was hoping that just because I'm his mate and all, we don't have any bad blood. So as a peace offering to tell you that I am no threat, and you aren't either, I brought some brownies." she says and pulls out a white paper bag. I smile at her and shake my head.

"Don't worry, I am no threat. And I'm over Cole. We are just friends. But if you don't mind me asking, what did he tell you?" I say to her.

"Just that you two had a short fling, but then he met me. He also said something about some baggage left with you, and responsibilities. I don't know." she says with a smile towards the end. I nod. But I know something is up.

Because why would Cole, tell May these things?

Gosh, don't kill me! It is extremely short, but hey, it's up! I got the second book in the If I Stay series!!!😁😁😁 So excited to read it. But I have some news. So, I have two possible ideas about a story, one is about a abused girl who finds her mate and such, and one is about a girl who is completely ruthless and kills people without a second thought, a bad girl, and she finds her mate and...... So, which one would you guys prefer? Please tell me! Anyways, vote and comment, means a lot!

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