Chapter 40: Exercise And Free Time

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I lean down to Leah's stomach and blow a small raspberry. I smile at her tiny form once pulling away, satisfied with myself.

She looks at me, like she wants to smile, but she doesn't know how yet. Her brown eyes hold amusement and I put my hands on her sides and tickle her gently. I laugh and pick her up and lift her up in the air, before pulling her to me.

"Ready to get dressed and then go for a jog princess?" I say to her and go up the steps to my room. I hear Logan yelling at his PS Vita with Jack as I walk by and roll my eyes.

I enter my room and set Leah on the bed and walk to her drawers and grab a white one piece saying 'You're Killing Me Smalls' and set it on the bed and take Leah out of her pajamas.

It was a few days ago when Cole stopped by. He hasn't been here since. I sigh and shake my head. He can't stop by when it's only convenient for him.

I texted Sebastian for a bit yesterday, and he asked to meet Leah. I said he could, and he's stopping by later with Maya. I'm excited for her to meet them.

I brush her brown hair and turn to my closet and quickly pull out a sports bra, grey workout leggings that have the band stopping slightly above my belly button, and a loose purple tank top. I apply deodorant and brush my hair while watching Lee, and put it in a high pony.

I walk to my closet and pull out my running shoes before slipping them on and grabbing Leah. I walk downstairs to the entry way and strap Leah in her stroller and make sure I have my water bottle, baby bag, and that the over hang is shielding Leah from the harsh rays of the sun before opening the door and beginning my jog.

We take a small break at the park on main street. Yup, I ran that far. Being a werewolf has it's perks such has having more stamina then humans.

I walk over to a small tree that offers some shade, and sit down before pulling Leah out. She's probably hungry.

I open the bag I brought that holds bottles of milk of mine that I pumped earlier, and feed her while cooling down. She happily sips the liquid. I smile at her. I am so happy that I didn't put her up for adoption when she was born. I don't know what I'd do.

She pulls away from the bottle and grabs onto my pointer finger and sucks on it. I laugh and place the bottle in the bag with my other hand before pulling out water for myself and chugging it down.

Shortly later, after relaxing for a bit, I place Leah back in her stroller and begin the jog again.

2 Hours Later....

I enter the cold house, relived to be out of the sun. I catch my breath and look at a sleeping Leah. She fell asleep after we left the park, which I'm happy about. There were a few times she woke up, and I had to stop to change her, but we made it.

I step away quietly and slip off my shoes before gently taking her out and tip toeing up the steps. Once in my room, I place her in her bassinet and quickly turn on the shower and strip of my sweaty clothes and begin showering off.

I finish in record time and get out before quickly applying some lotion and brushing through my hair and putting it in a lazy bun and hurrying to my closet, but looking at Leah quickly to make sure she's okay.

After making sure she is asleep, I pull out my black yoga shorts and a light sweater and pull it over my head.

I finish quickly and pull on my fuzzy socks to top off the look before falling onto my bed and letting my heavy eyelids droop, and the darkness surrounds me.

I rub my eyes and sit up. I stretch. That was nice.  I look over to Leah's bassinet. She is fast asleep. I smile and grab the book I recently started reading called 'If I Stay'. To put it simply, it's amazing. But it breaks my heart at the same time. This poor girl has been through so much!

The confusing thing about this book, is that there isn't really chapters, more like times. So I don't know where I am when I hear my Mom enter. I look up from my book and smile at her.

"Sebastian and Maya are here." she says. I nod and put my bookmark in before setting down the book and getting up.

"Thanks." I say. She exits quietly as I round my bed and peer into the bassinet. She is still asleep. I grab the baby monitor and bring it down with me as I walk down the steps and see Maya and Sebastian sitting on the island chairs in the kitchen talking.

"Hey guys." I say to them, catching their attention. They smile at me and Maya gets up and rushes to me before squeezing the living daylights out of me. I laugh and pat her back.

"I can't believe you had a baby! Where is she?" she says excitedly. I laugh and point upstairs.

"Sleeping, but she'll be up soon," I begin and take a glance at the oven clock. 5:17. Wow. I slept longer then expected. "She's been asleep for 4 hours." I finish she nods and plops on my couch as Sebastian walks over to me with a smile. He pulls me into a hug and pecks my cheek.

"Hey." he says in a deep voice.

"Hi." I respond. He smiles against my neck and squeezes me tighter before pulling away.

"I missed you. How are things?"he asks while we sit on the couch. I set the monitor on the coffee table in front of us.

"Good. But I can never get a god nights rest with her. She wakes me up almost every hour." I complain and lean against the couch. He laughs.

"Well that's part of parenting from what I've heard." he says. I smirk and hit his shoulder playfully.

Knowing he's right though, I am finally relieved to not have to be constantly watching Leah, and being just me.

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