Chapter 44: A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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My knees buckle beneath me as I fall with the tears coming quickly. My chest heaves up and down in panic. Emily falls to my side and rubs my back. I lean into her as the sobs wrack my body.

"It's okay. It's okay." she says soothingly. I shake my head.

"No. No. No. No." I mumble under my breath and shut my eyes tightly.

We stay like that for awhile. Emily holding me as I go into hysterics. My baby girl. She's gone. Thanks to that jerk! Anger fills me up. I stand up and wipe my eyes.

"Em. Go get Cole." I say weakly. She nods mind links him I assume, as I pace around the room. Who would want Leah? Who is Unknown? I don't have many enemies. Maybe May or Angel? But Angel has no reason to hate me, and May doesn't know that Leah is Cole's daughter. But then again, May seemed a little off to me the other day, so I'm not sure.

Plus, she made me brownies. I don't know, maybe there was something in the scent that messed with Leah. Then she got sick a few days later, and now this.

But Angel has been crushing on Cole since second grade, and she said Cole told her I was pregnant, doesn't that imply that he said he was the father? So she might of wanted to get back at me for sleeping with him, when so many times, she's been denied by him. Or she might use Leah to get Cole.

I shake my head. I need to do something other then pace and think of suspects. But I can't shift, I haven't been marked. I'm useless.

I sit on my bed and hold my head in my hands. Tears begin to fall again. I failed her. I'm the person she is supposed to trust the most, she depends on me, I failed her.

I look to her bassinet. The stupid lamb is still there. She can't sleep without it. She needs it, and they forgot it. I stand up and grab the lamb and clutch it to me. The sobs wrack my body yet again. I lost her. The most precious thing in the world, the person I love the most, is gone. I don't know when I'll find her, or if I'll find her. This thought makes me cry harder.

Never seeing her grow up. Never seeing her first steps. Never hearing her first words. Missing everything. She must be so scared. She hates when strangers hold her. When Emily first held her, she wouldn't stop crying till I held her. Of course she warmed up to her though. Who couldn't warm up to Emily?

I feel someone hug me tightly from the side. Based on the sparks, I know it's Cole. The tears fall harder now. I turn to him and bury my head in his chest.

"I lost her." I say through the tears. He shushes me and rub my back, though I know it's difficult for him to be strong based on the tears hitting my head.

"We'll get her back, don't worry." he says. I shake my head and continue to cry.

"Morgan, I need you to be strong, for Leah. She needs you. She needs you to find her. So please, you need to stop crying, you have to be strong." he says kindly. I nod and sniffle, pulling away from him.

"Thanks. I needed that." I say. He nods.

"We need to get to the pack house." he says.

"How long till we find her?" I say and wrap my arms around myself as I follow him out. Emily joins us soon.

"Soon I hope. I already have my best trackers out there. Before we leave though, we need something with her scent." he says. I nod and look around before picking up her little pink blanket that I use when she falls asleep in my arms. I hand it to him. He shakes his head.

"You smell more like her. So you need to have it with you to preserve the scent till we get there." he says. I nod and turn to Emily. She gives me a reassuring smile as we exit my house.

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