Chapter 42: Sebastian And Scare

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A Few Weeks Later...

Something is up. So, you remember that message I got the day Leah was born? I got another.

Think I'm not real? Think again. Watch your back b***h!

When I read it, I had shudders rush from my head to my feet. I got it an hour ago.

I look at my appearance once more. It shouldn't matter. I'm only going to the park with Leah and Sebastian. I'm wearing a loose red tank top with frills. It's paired with high waisted blue shorts and some sandles. I worked hard for the last couple weeks, and I have lost almost all baby weight because I worked out a lot while Leah slept in the stroller while I jogged. And then when I put her down at night, I went jogging again. So I am pretty fit now. But that won't last long, due to my diet of potato chips.

I pick Leah, who woke up 10 minutes ago, but will probably be asleep on the next 15 minutes or so. Her brown eyes look up at me and I smile at her as I dress her in a white and blue romper. The top area is white stripes with a pastel blue bow in the center of the top with white polka dots. The bottom is a hangover piece of fabric that is pastel blue with white dots, same as the bow.

I slip it on her and then put some tiny sandles on her. I put a tiny blue bow in her brown hair after I brushed the tuft of hair on her tiny head. I smile down at her as I grab my brush and tame my messy hair and throw it in a high pony tail.

I grab Leah and set her in the swing that I bought, and walk to my vanity and apply my makeup consisting of light eyeshadow, minimal eyeliner, blush, chapstick, and some pink lip gloss. I put away my makeup once finished, and pick up Leah from the swing. She is now asleep, gladly.

I walk downstairs and put her in her stroller when I hear the doorbell ring. I open the door and Sebastian smiles at me. I smile back.

"Hey." he says. I wave.

"Hi." I respond. He laughs and looks at Leah. He hasn't held her yet, but I might let him soon. I don't completely trust him with her yet, he gets that though. I don't trust many people with her.

"She sleeping?" he asks. I nod and look at her sleeping figure. I hear my phone ping and pull it out of my back pocket before glancing at it.

Hey, wanna hang?

Uh, sure. In like an hour and a half maybe? We could go get ice cream?
Moo Moos🐮

Sure. Works 4 me.

I put my phone away and smile apologetically at Sebastian.

"Sorry. It was Emily. She wanted to hang out." I explain. He nods at me and smiles.

"It's okay. Ready to go?" he says.

"Yeah. Let's get going." I say as he steps aside and I push the stroller out the door and begin walking with Sebastian.

"So, how is everything going with Leah?" he asks me.

"Good. She still wakes me up a lot, but she's doing good" I respond and look over at a sleeping Leah. We walk in silence for a bit before I speak up.

"How are you?" I ask him. He shrugs.

"Good. I hung out with Maya yesterday. She thinks she found her mate." he says happily. I shriek happily and smile brightly.

"Yay! Who is he? Is he nice?" I question. He shrugs.

"Don't know. She hasn't revealed him yet. But she says he's a nice guy." he says. I nod.

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