Chapter 21: Is She Worth It?

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I exit math class with Ashley by my side.

"Why are all the guy teachers here so hot! And british!" she says, more like whines. I laugh.

"Even Mr. Crawford? Like, if your into old guys, I won't judge." I say with a smile. She sticks her tongue out in disgust and shoves me.

"Wow! Shoving the pregnant girl? That would start a riot." I joke. She rolls her eyes, but smiles anyways.

"So, that lesson was, mind boggling!" she exclaims. I shake my head and smile slightly.

"If you were here all year, you would understand." I say and open the lunchroom doors.

"Not my fault! At least I'm here now. Besides, it's only 3 months in." she says as we walk to the lunch line. She grabs a slice of pizza and yogurt, while I grab my burger, fries, and vanilla ice cream.

"Yeah, but you do not understand everything, you went to a private school, they have different standards. Tonight, you wanna study? Get you caught up?" I offer. She nods.

"Sure. I probably should work on some stuff." she says as I lead her to a table. Emily is at our normal table, but I have a feeling she doesn't wanna talk.

"Should I talk to Em?" I ask her and dip a fry in ice cream. She shrugs.

"If you want, I means, she's the one not talking to you over something so ridiculous. Friends keep secrets, and she should understand why you kept yours. It's her loss, then she can't be aunty the little one in there." Ash says and rubs my small bump. I nod.

"Yeah, but she's my best friend. One of the only people I can talk to." I say sadly. She talks her hand away from my stomach and throws her arm around my shoulder. I lean into her. At least I'll always have her.

"Should I talk to her though?" I ask. She shrugs and pulls away.

"Again, your choice, is she worth your time? Is she worth the pain of possibly losing her? You make the choice."

Super short, like really short, but this is a filler for the next chapter which will skip 2 weeks so it will be December. Christmas! Should Morgan forgive Emily? Your choice, leave your opinion in the comment box and vote please! Means a lot!😁

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