Chapter 15: Cousin Ashley

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The sound of the bell signaling 2nd period, brings me out of my sorrows. I stand up and grab my things before walking down the hall to the bathroom. I can't let this get me down, Em and I will fix this, we always do.

I pull out my bag of makeup that I keep with me for emergencies, and fix my runny makeup. I should invest in water proof makeup, my hormones cause my emotions to be out of control these days. Two freshmen exit the stalls and see me. They start whispering to each other, they heard Angel, no doubt about it.

"Hey freshman, you talking about me shows me that you have tiny brains, now scat!" I say. They looked at me shocked before leaving the bathroom. So immature. I sigh and reapply my makeup before heading out, just to be stopped as Angel and her possy enter.

"Look it's the sl*t herself." Angel says with a smirk. Her two followers laugh sadistically.

"Get out of my way Angel." I say with narrowed eyes. She scoffs.

"What you gonna do? Tell Cole? Don't you remember? He. Told. Me. Right before I rocked his world. And he loved it! Kept screaming my name." she brags. I roll my eyes.

"I doubt that." I say before pushing Angel out of the way and exiting the bathroom. It stung a bit to hear that they slept together, but I can't stop him. He rejected me, I have no claim on him.

I walk into second period early, barely anyone is here yet, they're getting stuff from their lockers still. I sit in my normal seat, next to a kid named Drew. We both sit in silence as normal. Drew doesn't talk much. The class files in shortly after I sit down and we start the lesson as I take notes. I feel a wad of paper hit my neck. I pick up the note and read it.


That's all that's written on the tiny piece of paper. I rip it up and get up and throw it in the trash before returning to my seat. I won't let them faze me. I love my baby, and they can't stop that. Yes, it was a mistake, but it's a beautiful one.


I sit down next to Emily and look at her with a raised eyebrow.

"You not talking to me?" I ask her. She tightens her lips and continues eating.

"Come on Em! We're besties! We're Morgan and Emily, Emily and Morgan! We're a power duo! You really gonna let Angel ruin that?" I reason. She just continues to eat silently. I sigh and stab my fork into the fruit I grabbed. This is gonna be a long lunch period.

The last bell rings and I shoot up from my chair and rush out of the room. I need to catch Emily so she doesn't leave without me. She wouldn't leave without me, right? I shake the thought from my head and put on a small smile.

I walk through the hallway and exit the school to see Emily zoom past in her car, leaving the school grounds. That was low Emily. Real low. I sigh and look around. Who can I persuade to take me home? I spot Cole. I don't want to, but I'm desperate. I walk up to him and he looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Hello?" he asks me. I sigh and cross my arms.

"Emily ditched me, can you give me a ride?" I ask him. He nods and opens the door for me. I get in and nod to him as thanks as he rounds the car and gets in.

"So aren't you two besties or something? Why did she ditch you?" he asks me. I sigh and rub my temples.
"I haven't told anyone besides you and my family. And Angel thought it would be a wonderful idea to share her new found information, that she got from you, and share it with the world. She said it to my face and called me.... some stuff, and then told Emily I am pregnant, and now Em is mad that I didn't tell her before I guess, she hasn't talked to me since the incident." I say sadly and rest my head against the window. He looks at me sympathetically, but quickly returns his attention to the road.

"Well Emily's stupid to not want to be your friend. You're the best person I know." he says kindly. A small smile lights up my face.

"Thanks" I say to him. He nods.

"Why do you sigh so much?" he asks me, changing the subject. I shrug.

"I don't know, I guess it expresses emotions better then words, makes no sense when I say it out loud, but it makes sense in my head." I explain. He nods as we pull up in my driveway. He turns to me.

"Listen, I know you don't like me very much, but I really want to be at the next sonogram. If you don't mind." he says. I nod and give him a smile.

"Sure, my next one is actually at 3:30 today, normally my Mom comes, but she's working late, and my brother is with his friends. So you can come, and if you want to hang out, you're welcome to." I say he nods and smirks slightly.

"Sure" he says as we get out and walk to my house. I open the front door and hear the TV on. What? It wasn't on earlier, and Logan left after me, U saw him skateboarding with his friends while we were driving. Cole turns to me.

"Did you leave that on?" he whispers. I shake my head frantically.

"No." I answer, scared. He looks around and picks up Logan's baseball bat that was by the door. He lightly walks ahead, and I follow ducked behind him.

We step under the archway that leads to the kitchen and living room, and I stand on my tip toes to see who it is. I let out a breath of relief and smile.

"Oh my gosh! Ashley!" I squeal happily. My cousin sits up and sees me. She stands and smiles brightly at me before we meet each other halfway and hug tightly.

"Oh my gosh Ash! Why didn't you say you were coming?" I ask, muffled by her brown/blonde hair.

"I wanted to surprise you and Logan, but no one was home." she says. She squeezes me tightly before pulling away. We study each others faces. I haven't seen my cousin, Ashley, in months. She lives in a town a few hours away from here. We spent out whole summer together on the beach though.

"My Mom knew about this?" I ask her. She laughs and nods.

"Yes, but being the good aunt she is, she kept it a secret." she says. I laugh. Ash is related from my Mom's side. She's my Uncle Kyle's daughter, my Mom's brother.

Cole clears his throat. I totally forget he was here! I turn around and blush.

"Should I leave?" he asks me, pointing his thumb at the door.

"Oh no! You can stay." I say with a small smile.

"Is this the infamous Cole I've heard so much about?" Ashley asks, not so happy. I turn around to face her. She stands with her arms crossed over ber chest, and her eyes narrowed. I nod, scared of her response to his presence.

"Yeah..." I say awkwardly. She pushes past me and pokes him in the chest.

"You. You got my freaking favorite cousin pregnant after rejecting her! You freaking jerk!" she shouts angrily. I sigh.

"Ashley, calm. Put away tough girl act." I say and roll my eyes. She steps back and motions that she's watching him. I laugh and look at a frightened Cole. He's frightened of Ashley! A girl half his size! I giggle quietly at that.

I told Ashley about the pregnancy a few weeks ago. She was actually happy for me! Someone didn't freak out on me like everyone else. She is so happy to be 'Aunty Ashley'. She made me promise to give her sonogram photos and dedicate a wardrobe just to her.

"Sorry Cole. She is a lot." I say, amused. He nods and relaxes as she walks over to the couch and plops down.

"I can see that." he says before walking over to me. Ash makes herself comfy and stuffs her face with chips while watching a show. He gives me a small smile.

"Again, sorry." I say with an apologetic smile. He waves it off and smiles at me.

"It's okay. I've dealt with worse." he says. I laugh.

"So why were you afraid of her?" I ask him with a raised eyebrow.

"Just to make her feel better about herself." he says. I pat his chest.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night Cole."

Chapter! So, what do you think of Ashley? I like her a lot. She is just so awesome! Who here is disappointed in Emily? And what about Cole? Like one minute he's throwing slushy's, the next he is driving her home. Bipolar! Anyways, vote and comment, means a lot!

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