Chapter 45: Bloody Battle

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I rub my tired eyes and continue to look through the paper work. Cole is out doing whatever, and I'm looking through everything on May. Everyone is suspecting it's her who took Leah.

It's been a few hours since I shifted. And I'm still shaken up. Everyone think it's some amazing power, but I think it's just my mothering instincts acting up and that because my child's in danger, I shifted to protect her. Not some miracle. Far from it.

I skim through it and begin shutting the folder, when something catches my eye. I open it up fully and look at it.

Related to: Maya Holdbrooks:Cousin

My eyes widen and I grab the folder before attempting to find Cole. I follow my senses which lead me to the training room where I find Cole punching the heck out of a punching bag.

"Cole!" I yell. He stops and looks at me.
"Yeah?" he asks out if breath as I stop in front of him.

"My friend Maya, is related to May. I can ask Maya about her, and her whereabouts." I say happily. He smiles slightly at me and nods.

"Sure, but I'm coming with." he says and grabs a towel from the table before dabbing his sweating forehead.
"Maya might not say everything that way though, she doesn't trust you." I argue. He shrugs and shakes his head.

"Too bad. Because she will tell me everything." he says and walks away, leaving no room for discussion. I sigh and shake my head.

I know he is trying to help, and protect me. But all I need, is answers. Answers that will lead me to my baby girl. I sigh again and rub the rebel tears the fell down my cheeks away, and exit the training room before getting an idea. I need to get stronger, and faster. I need to train.

I go up the steps and into the guest room where I'm staying until we find Leah, and go through the clothes I brought, and some my friends packed for me. I grab some black nike workout leggings, a black nike sports bra, and a grey tank top.

I lace up my sneakers and throw my hair in a ponytail before jogging down to the workout room.

I grab some protective gloves and get in front of the punching bag. I know a few moves.

I begin punching the bag and kicking it, pretending it's the faceless person who took Leah. I kick and punch hard till my knuckles are bruised and my muscles are burning and begging for a break. I have to push through though.

I stop with the punching bag and exit the training room, before entering the kitchen and grabbing a water bottle and filling it up. I

I exit the room and head outside. I head to the backyard, which is surrounded by trees, and begin jogging along the pathway that leads through the woods.

I jog around the sticks, and dodge the tree branches. The woods soothe my nerves slightly and calm me down. I take in a deep breath of fresh air as I stop to take a break after awhile. My muscles burn even more. I sit on a fallen log and take a gulp of water before standing back up and doing some stretching.

I resume my run for a bit before I hear a noise. I turn around and prepare myself. The sound comes closer and my heart rate accelerates. I hold my breath as the creature reveals it's face......

It's a bunny. A freaking bunny! I let out a relieved breath before turning.

This moment deteriorated quickly.

I take in a quick breath and stumble backwards, away from the incredibly large and scary wolf that looks like it wants me for lunch.

I turn and run, but fall over the stupid log. The aggravated wolf comes up and snaps at me. I roll slightly to the side as it attempts to attack my face, dodging the bite.

I get up. The only way I can survive is if I shift. But I don't know how! I heard somewhere you have to picture yourself shifting, the bones cracking and changing. So I shut my eyes tightly and in a moment, pain overcomes me and I am standing on four paws.

The wolf looks taken aback, so I take that as an opportunity to attack. I jump at the creature, but they dodge and sink their teeth into my neck. I howl in pain, but flip us over harshly so they're below me. I rip away from the wolf, causing more pain, and stand up before bolting. I have no clue what to do, so I run.

The wolf is hot on my heels when they jump me and sink their teeth in my shoulder blade. I whimper and struggle underneath them and attempt getting free, but fail, and they move onto biting my stomach. I howl again and use my front paws to get up slowly before turning my head, ignoring the pain, and bite the wolf's neck. They shift their attention to me and release my stomach.

We stand across from each other and circle one another in a stand off. If one moves, the other moves. Eventually, the wolf leaps at me and we begin a bloody battle. He pins me to the ground and is about to sink his teeth into me when he is harshly pulled off.

I sink into the leaves in pain as I listen to the bites, snaps, and howls of pain. By the time it's over, my blood is draining at a rapid pace. I hear heavy paws approach me before they pick me up and rest me on their back I assume, before blackness begins consuming me.

The wolf shakes me, preventing the welcoming and warm darkness. They bark at me as we approach the pack house. Everyone stares at us as we back by. Who is carrying me right now again?

We enter the house and I feel the person shift, and a muscled chest replaces the back I was resting on. Cole's familiar and sweet scent fills my nose. I would smile, but I'm too tired.

"Morgan, please stay awake." he says to me. I forgot I was in my wolf form for a minute, until my pesky tail hits my paw.

"Can you shift?" he asks me. I try shifting, and soon enough, my tail stops hitting, and my dark hair falls in my face. My breath becomes ragged.

"Wow there. Calm down. We're almost to the doctors." he says. I grit my teeth and nod.

"Just hang on." he says as he kicks open the hospital doors and rushes me to a room.

"Hey Alph- oh my gosh! What happened to her?!" a feminine voice says as I'm laid on a hospital bed.

"She was attacked by a rogue." Cole responds urgently as I open my eyes. I groan and raise a very shaky hand to cover the light.

"Oh honey, you okay?" the lady says to me, she has a country accent. How did I not notice that? I groan again and shake my head, but stop as soon as I start because it hurts to much.

"It hurts." I squeak. She nods and looks at me with a small smile as dirty blonde locks fall from her bun.

"I know babe. We'll fix you up." she says. I lay my head against the pillow as beads of sweat roll down my forehead. It's so hot in here!

"Honey, you need to relax." she says as Cole rubs my arm from his position on the chair beside me. I try and focus on Cole's touch as she pokes and prods at the wounds.

"Okay dear. All stitched up." she says. I smile and try to sit up, but a pain erupts through my body and I cry in pain as black spots invade my vision.

I hear multiple people call my name, frantic and worried. But it hurts to much to respond.

Last thing I see is the pair of enchanting chocolate brown eyes before eventually, blackness takes over.

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