Chapter 12: My Baby Dot

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I turn around and face my shocked mother. She looks at me with tears in her eyes.

"Mama-" I start. She puts her hand up as a signal to stop.

"Goodnight Morgan." she says and leaves the room. I look around the room and run my hands through my hair. Why did Cole do that? He could of just ruined my relationship with my mother! And she's my only parent now! I collapse on my bed and try to fall asleep.

I wake up to the bright light shining through my window. It's Tuesday! I have school. I groan and roll on my side. I have to see Cole!

I sigh and get up shortly after and throw on a burgundy sweater with skinny jeans and some brown ankle boots. I brush my hair and put it in a side braid (outfit above). I brush my teeth and do my morning routine.

I put on some simple makeup consisting of light eyeshadow and eyeliner, light blush, and some pink lipstick. I put all my cosmetics away and pick up my backpack before slowly walking out of my room and into Logan's room.

Yesterday, when we hung out, we definitely got to a good place in our relationship. He even taught me to play Halo. It's kind of fun. And I learned that he has some crush on a girl named Layla, and she sounds pretty cool. So we definitely bonded.

I come in his room and try to think of a way to wake him up. I smile and walk up to him.

"Logan. I see you." I whisper in a deep voice. He stirs. So I stand above him and drip spit above him. His eyes open just as my saliva hits his face. His eyes grow wide when he realizes what I did. He grabs a shirt that he has on the ground and wipes his face.

"Ew! Morgan!" he shouts. I laugh and grab my bag and dash downstairs as he follows me. I run to the couch and plop down before pulling out my phone. I did good. I get sucked into instagram, so I don't notice Logan until he is next to me.

"This is payback." he says and starts tickling me. I drop my phone next to me and start laughing hysterically and my legs start flailing on instinct.

"Stop! Stop!" I shout between laughs. He chuckles and stops after awhile. I sit up and flick him in the head before standing up with a smile and giving him a noogie. I laugh and walk into the kitchen. I freeze when I see my Mom in the kitchen. Logan walks in and sees my state of emotion.

"Hello, Morgan? You in there?" he asks with a laugh. I give him a tight smile and nod.

"Logan dear, why don't you go eat in the living room." my Mom says to him. He nods and grabs a bowl my Mom set out for him. He leaves the room and Mom looks at me.

"How did it happen Morgan? I thought you knew better." my Mom says to me. I look down.

"I'm really sorry Mom. I really am." I look up and say to her with tears streaming down my face. She sets her lips in a thin line.

"It was on my birthday. Emily threw a party. I was talking to Em, and I smelled something, amazing. I followed it and met Cole. We talked for a minute, and then said he needed to mark me. I agreed, like the fool I am, and took him to my room. We mated, but he never marked me. I guess he didn't use a condom because he thought I was on birth control, but I'm not, because I didn't know I would find him and sleep with him right after. So then I woke up the next morning after a night filled with imagining my life with the future alpha! I thought we would live happily with one another, actual true love. But I woke up and he rejected me then left. And here we are." I explain while wiping my tears. She nods sadly and hugs me.

"I'm so sorry baby, I'm sorry you had to go through that. I'm so sorry for everything. I just don't want my baby to have a baby at 17!" she says through her tears. I hold onto her tightly and stay there with the tears streaming down my face. She pulls away and looks at me.

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