Chapter 34: Ready To Pop

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3 Months Later..... (I think)

8 months pregnant and I'm ready for her to be out! She was supposed to be born a few weeks ago! Stinking baby just refuses to be born! Curse you Cole for this! Yes, I know all that crap about how it's also my fault, but I choose to blame him! I'm a hormonal 8 month pregnant teenager! Cut me some slack!

I groan and roll over before shutting off my alarm. I didn't sleep well last night because of my excessively large stomach. But hey, it's the last day of school!! Yay! I smile tiredly and stand up. No more school for three months!

Though, taking online courses is being considered. Of course it is. I am going to be a mom, with or without Cole, and my child will be my first priority.

I stand up and use the bathroom and exit before walking to my closet and skimming through outfits. I finally decide on a loose red shirt with blue jeans and brown ankle boots.

I throw on the outfit and brush through my dark hair and leave it loose. I walk to my vanity and apply some light eyeshadow with eyeliner, blush, and some pink lipstick with some gloss.

I exit my room and walk downstairs to find everyone eating, including Ashley. I greet everyone before pouring some cereal for myself and joining everyone.

"Ready for the last day?" Ash asks excitedly. I roll my eyes and smirk, but nod nonetheless.

"So you guys doing something afterwards? Like a party or something? Isn't that what you kids do now?" Mom pipes in. We laugh and shake our heads.

"Mom, we were gonna come home and watch chick flicks eating ice cream, if that what you call a party..." I say with a laugh. Ashley cracks up and Logan smirks as Mom smiles and rolls her eyes. She checks her watch.

"Okay guys. We better get going, or we'll all be late. Come on Logan." Mom says and kisses our heads as I wave bye to Logan and Ashley and I grab our bags.

"I am so happy! Soon my little niece here will be born, and off to New York!" she squeals happily. I laugh as we exit the house.

"I am so excited! A break from all my Cole drama!" I say happily. She nods eagerly.

"Please. He is such a jerk though! Have you even talked to him since you caught him with May?" she asks. I sigh.

"I mean, somewhat. It's just us exchanging greetings and leaving it at that. I can't really be around him, my emotions are already on high, I can't just stand there talking to him normally when I know he lied." I say sadly. She nods sadly and drapes her arm over my shoulders.

"It will all be okay. Everything will turn out how it's supposed to." she reassures. I nod as we enter my car and I start it up.

"I feel like this trip will definitely help me clear my mind." I say to her. She nods as we drive off.

We pull into the lot and get out. Everyone is screaming loudly out of pure joy. I roll my eyes.

"So, when are we leaving anyways?" she asks me. I shrug.

"Um, I was thinking after the baby is born. Hopefully she'll be out soon" I say and rub my bump gently. She nods as we enter the school hallway for the last time this year.

"I am ready for her to be out. Then you won't be moody, and it will be easier to shop for you." sh comments while staring off into space. I roll my eyes and open my locker as she leans against the one next to me.

"Whatever. You aren't excited to meet my little lady?" I ask her, feigning hurt and I gasp. She laughs and shakes her head as I close my locker. We won't do anything today, so I just grabbed my notepad. I shove it in my bag and lean against my locker.

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