Chapter 23: Snowball Wars And Baby Names

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3 Weeks Later

Turning over in my bed, I bed for one more hour of sleep. Just one more hour! It's Christmas break for pete's sake! The sleep devil herself strolls in and pulls my blanket off my sleeping form.

"Go away!" I say tiredly. She groans.

"Come on Morgan, I want to go outside, it's snowing!" she whines. I shoot up and look out the window, and it's definitely snowing.

"Oh my gosh! Come on! Get dressed hurry! We have to go outside!" I say excitedly. She laughs.

"That sure got ya up, what happened to miss 'Go Away!" she attempts to intimidate me. I roll my eyes and shove her.

"She saw snow. Now go get dressed!" I say and shut my door and walk to my closet. What would fit over my 3 month bump? I choose a pink maternity tank top that I got at a pregnancy store, a cream sweater with patches of different shades of white, brown, and grey. I pair it with some light jeans and knee length bear paws (outfit above). I put my hair in a side braid like Katniss Everdeen and put on lipstick, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. Nothing much.

I hear my phone ping. Just another message from Cole. Forget him! I haven't talked to him since a mandatory talk since he showed up in my window at 12:00 on a Saturday night a week ago. He asked me to talk to him, but I simply said how I prefer not to speak to guys who sleep with my whole high school. He needs checked for an STD before he comes over here again. And I never, ever want to sleep with him again. You know what they say, when you sleep with someone, you sleep with everyone they have. And I would rather not sleep with Angel, his main go to. He hasn't come over since. But has texted and called non stop.

I exit my room and the smell of waffles enters my nose. I smile and run down the steps before scarfing down my breakfast in which my wonderful Mom made.

"Thanks Mom." I say and kiss her cheek before setting my dishes in the sink and grabbing Ashley and taking her to my backyard.

"You ready for this Ash?" I ask her with a raised eyebrow with snowball in hand.

"The real question is if your ready." she responds. I laugh.

"Oh honey, I'm ready." I say and throw my snowball, and the war begins. She shrieks as the cold ball hits her and I run to hide around the corner of my house while she's distracted. I make a new snowball and throw it to her confused figure, hitting her in the face.

She gasps as it hits her and wipes the snow away from her face as she sees me.

"You'll pay for that dear cousin." she says and throws the snowball at me, hitting my shoulder. I make another snowball and throw it at her before running away before she hits me.

The sun sets before we come inside. As we enter the heated house, the smell of hot chocolate and cookies with mashed potatoes, and ham hits my nose. Mom makes extravagant meals every night during December. We take off our wet shoes and follow the scent to the kitchen.

"It smells amazing in here." I say as we enter the kitchen. Ash nods.

"Yeah. Good job Aunt Kelsey." shy says. My Mom turns and points at the steps.

"Thank you, but you won't be getting any until you change." she orders. We nod and walk to the steps, me messing up Logan's hair on the way. He looks up from his PS Vita and hits my arm. I laugh and talk with Ash before we go our separate ways to change. I strip of my clothes and remove my makeup before throwing my hair in a ponytail and putting on sweatpants, a big t shirt, and a sweatshirt with my fuzzy socks.

I skip down the steps and sit down at the dining table with my family before saying our prayers and then grabbing food.

"Did you guys have fun?" My Mom asks Ashley and I. We nod.

"Yeah, we had a snowball fight, built a really screwed up igloo. Built a snowman, and made snow angels and then we posted some stuff on Instagram." Ashley says as I happily eat my mashed potatoes.

"Sounds fun. I'm glad you girls got to go outside." My Mom comments as she drinks her hot chocolate.

"You guys screamed a lot." Logan says, pointing out the obvious. I roll my eyes.

"Thank you Captain Obvious. Maybe you could come out with us tomorrow. Wanna go to the mall?" I ask him. He shrugs.

"Sure I guess, but no girly stores please." he says while playing with his ham.

"Logan, please eat your food and not play with it." my Mom says to him. He sighs and eats the food after receiving Mom's orders.

"Hey Mom, my next Ultrasound is in 2 days. You coming? I ask her. She looks at me.

"Sorry honey, I can't. Maybe Ashley and Logan could though." she says. I nod and turn to Logan.

"Wanna come?" I ask him. He shakes his head.

"No thanks, I'd rather wait till June to meet the thing." he says. I sigh.

"The thing is called a baby." I say and turn to Ash.

"You still coming?" I ask her. She nods.

"Thought of any names yet?" she asks me as my Mom talks to Logan about something. I nod.

"Yeah. For a girl, maybe Adeline, Cara, Rose, Phoebe, or maybe Leah. And for a boy, Adrian, Cayden, Jace, Theo, or Henry." I say. She nods.

"Wait, Leah as in Grandma Leah?" she asks me. I nod and smile at the reason for choosing that name. My Mom turns to us.

"Wait, what?" she asks, grabbing Logan's attention. They both stare at us.

"Yeah, Morgan was thinking that if she had a girl, she could name it Leah. After Grandma Leah." Ashley says with a smile, looking at me admirably. My Mom looks at me. Grandma Leah was my Mom's Mom. She died 2 years ago due to kidney failure.

"Honey, you don't have to do that." My Mom says. I shake my head.

"I want too. It's a pretty name, that I love, reminding me of a person we all love." I say. And then look at them all.

"And don't forget if it's a boy. I would name him Jason or Jace." I remind them with tears forming in my eyes and falling slightly. I wipe them away.

Both possible names for my child that I love, named after people I love.

Another chapter! I like this one. So I cleared some things up in this chapter. Like Cole and stuff. But what do you think of the names Morgan picked and their origins? Comment and vote, means a lot!

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