Chapter 29: Heart To Heart

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I lay on my bed the next day staring at the ceiling and rubbing my bump. I think over all the events that took place last night. I went to a party, saw Cole and his new mate, left the party and disappeared into the woods, met a hot guy in the woods, became friends with the hot guy, went back, introduced him, and argued with Cole.

Cole, he's all I have been thinking about all day. What did he mean I by 'You Don't Understand'? I sigh and shake my head and look at the bag he gave me. It's a small rectangular bag, but it scares me. It scares me because I want to open it, when I shouldn't want to. I sigh and shake my head before standing up.

I walk to my closet and skim through it before pulling out my grey sweater. I pull the sweater over my head and dig through my jean drawer and grab some light blue skinny jeans with a latex in the waist band so it fits over my bump (outfit above). I pull them on. They barely fit! My stomach is getting bigger. I sigh and shake my head, sitting on my bed. Tears pool in my eyes. Stupid hormones! The tears fall down my cheeks in a rapid pace.

"Hey Morgan, can I borrow some- hey woah! You okay?" Ashley says, and rushes to me, and rubs my shoulder soothingly. I shake my head.

"No! I'm freaking fat!" I shout between tears. She chuckles and rubs my shoulder.

"That's what your crying about? Morgan, you're not fat." she says soothingly. I nod and clutch onto Ashley.

"Come on. Let's get you ready. You can be my doll. Now zip up up your jeans and sit at the vanity." she orders. I nod and pull away.

"Okay." I answer her. She gets up and walks to my vanity as I zip up my jeans and sit down at my vanity as she begins to work. She starts brushing my hair.

"So, have you narrowed down the names and decided on one?" she asks me.

"Um. I don't know. I'm torn between Adeline and Leah." I explain as she brushes a knot out. She nods.

"Want me to help you narrow it down?" she suggests and sets my brush down. I shrug. She messes my hair up slightly, making it look cute.

"Sure." I respond to her. She digs through my lipsticks and finally decides on a dark red color.

"Well, the translation for Leah, is weak," she starts, and looks at my eyeshadow pallet.

"But it's also grandma's name." she says and applies some chap stick to my lips, then the red lipstick, and then gloss.

"Adeline's translation is noble. But it is of no value." she applies some brown eyeshadow and mascara before putting slightly winged eyeliner.

"Yeah, but it's pretty." I defend. She nods and steps away to examine her artwork. She nods in approval.

"Yeah. Anything else you want me to do for ya?" she asks as I examine my face. I look awesome!

"You did great, thanks. You you wanna go to the brew with me? I need tea!" I say with a laugh. She nods and laughs with me.

"Yeah, just let me get changed." she says and skips to her room. I smirk and shake my head as I grab my bear-paw tan boots and fuzzy socks and slip them on. I grab my winter coat and cream colored scarf before getting them on. I grab my purse and walk down the steps.

"Hey honey." Mom says as she sees me. I smile at her and sit down on the couch.

"You going out?" she asks me as she scrolls through channels. I nod.

"Yeah, Ash and I are going to the brew." I respond. She nods and turns her attention to Real Housewives of Orange County as Ashley comes downstairs. I kiss Mom on the cheek.

"Bye Mama, love you." I say and get up.

"Hey, you girls be back by 4:00. We're gonna head down to the fair tonight." she orders. We nod and wave goodbye as we exit the house and get in my car.

"So, have you decided on the name now that we discussed it?" she asks me. I nod and put the keys in the ignition.

"So what is it?" she asks excitedly. I roll my eyes and smirk.

"That's for me to know, and you to find out." I inquire. She gasps.

"Hey! I helped you decide! I should know!" she says. I shake my head and pull out of the driveway.

"So, have you spoken to Mr. Hottie since last night?" she asks me with a smile. I laugh and shake my head.

"No. Not yet, been busy." I say. She shakes her head.

"You better take him, or I will." she says with a smile. I roll my eyes and chuckle.

"Sure you will." I answer her. She smiles and settles in her seat.

"So, what did Cole give you last night?" she asks me. I sigh.

"Um, I don't know yet. I haven't opened it, and I don't know if I want to. What if it's something totally inappropriate like lingerie or a thong?" I ask disgusted and shudder. She laughs and shakes her head.

"I doubt it's that." I pull into a spot and get out with Ashley.

"You never know." I say simply and open the door to the shop.

"You will, if you open it. Just do it already. Or I will, and if it is lingerie or a thong, I'll gladly where it for him." she says matter of factly. I gag.

"Ew! That is disgusting!" I shout, even though I'm totally jealous that she has the guts, and I don't. Maybe I should be more like Ash....

She orders our drinks and we take a seat in a table by the back windows that give you a view to the rustic garden.

"But, you should seriously open it. It's probably not a thong or lingerie, sadly, but maybe it's something meaningful that Cole got to redeem himself." she says. I sigh and play with my fingers.

"I just don't know. I lost trust in him. Even if he got something totally amazing, I don't know if I would forgive him." I explain. She looks at me with knowing eyes and a kind smile.

"Morgan, are we really talking about a present? Or is this something more?" she asks me. I look at her and sigh.

"I don't know what I want Ashley. I want to move on, and forget about him. And I should, he completely deserted me when I needed him, and then broke my heart. I should hate him, but I don't. The complete opposite actually." I say. She nods and rests her hands on mine.

"I can't tell you what to do, but I know you'll figure it out. You're Morgan freaking Mayor! I know you'll do what's right!"

So so so sorry guys! I haven't updated all day. But I did get some stuff sorted out for the story! So, as most of you saw, I added a cast. But the person who I chose for Cole, I'm not totally sure if it fits him. But I'm warming up to it. But just know, that I might randomly change the actor. And the cast thing glitched, but I right now have Nick Bateman cast for him, not Matt Bomer. Vote and comment, means a lot!

(P.S. The girl up in the pic with Morgan, is not actually what Ash looks like)

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