Chapter 37: Home Coming

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I pick up a sleeping Leah out of the bassinet and set her in the carrier/car seat I got her a few months back. It's absolutely adorable. It's not like those flashy ones everyone buys nowadays, it's simple but cute.

It is a white car seat with small pink and light purple flowers spread out around it with a cream colored over hang. I like it a lot.

I strap her in and fix my grey sweatshirt that I through on. My outfit is lazy, just some black sleep shorts with a grey sweatshirt, and my hair is pulled into a high pony.

I grab the carrier and my bag of things that Ashley bought the day Leah was born, which was 3 days ago. I have already grown so attached to her after three days.

Cole stopped by everyday to see her for a few hours, but left. He never stayed the night. I could've used the help. She is exhausting. I barely have gotten any sleep these past couple days with her.

She gurgles as I walk down the hallway to the waiting room, pulling me out of my thoughts. I look at the tiny baby herself with her tuft of brown hair. Her coming home outfit is a simple, pale green romper that has frills in the arm area. Small drawings over flowers are placed in random spots, but it's adorable. And she has these cute little grey knit shoes I found paired with it. Why are baby clothes so cute? Actually, don't answer that question.

I enter the waiting room where I left my Mom to wait while I grabbed my things. She smiles and stands up from the chair and then waves at Leah.

"Hey ladies, ready to head home?" she asks me after turning her gaze in my direction. I nod frantically.

"I am so ready to be back in my room! The constant smell of antiseptic is driving me mad!" I say. She laughs as we walk to the desk and sign out before exiting the hospital.

I take in a big breath of fresh air. I haven't smelled it in 3 days. I smile happily that I am released from that prison.

Before stepping out of the shade, I make sure the over hand on the carrier is shielding Leah's face from the bright rays of light. When I know it is, I walk to the car with my Mom and put her car seat in the back and give her a toy Emily got her.

It's a small white lamb stuffed animal, and it is so soft! She loves that thing. She smiles happily when she sees it, and quickly gets distracted. I take the opportunity to close the door and sit in the passenger seat of Mom's car.

"I am so ready to be home! I get my potato chips and my Pretty Little Liars, and my room!" I say happily. Mom laughs and nods as she pulls out of the lot.

"Yeah. It's getting too quiet without your constant talking." she jokes. I roll my eyes and smirk while I watch the road pass by, just enjoying being out of the hospital.

We fall into a comfortable silence, the only sound is Leah's stuffed lamb and her sounds. A small smile stays on my lips at just hearing her.

We soon pull into the driveway and I get out, the harsh heat hitting me like a bullet. I open the backdoor and grab the carrier with Leah in it, her lamb, and the bag before entering the house, where my Mom already went.

I enter the cold, familiar house and close the door behind me. Leah looks around in wonder as I hear Logan descend the steps. He smiles at Leah and smiles slightly at me. He loves Leah a lot already.

"Hey. Welcome home after pushing a watermelon out!" he says jokingly. I punch his shoulder playfully and walk up the steps.

"Forget you! And by the way, watermelons are delicious!" I shout down the steps. He laughs and walks off somewhere as I enter my room where Leah will be sleeping in until New York.

Her white bassinet with pink string lining the top, sits in the corner by my bed in a diagonal line to the door. I set down Leah on my bed and put my bag of things by the foot of my bed before taking Leah out of the seat and holding her upwards so her head is on my shoulder.

I hum a tune and rock side to side while walking down the steps and into the living room where Ashley is in her normal spot on the couch. I think she likes it here better then her house. She hears me and sits up before squealing and running to me. She hugs me, but works around Leah, so it ends up as a side hug.

She then walks around me to face Leah and kisses her cheek before walking to the kitchen. I re-position Leah in my arms so she is looking at me before following Ash into the kitchen.

"I missed you!" she says through some cheetos that she shoved in her mouth. I laugh.

"You saw me last night." I say to her. She shakes her head.

"No, I mean being here." she explains.

"You don't even live here!" I shout playfully. She waves me off and then walks to the living room and plops on the couch. I laugh and follow her.

I end up sitting on the couch with my legs in front of me in a criss-cross apple sauce manor with Leah between them since she can't sit up on her own yet. She sucks on my finger as we watch re-runs of Pretty Little Liars on the screen.

"I mean, shouldn't Ali just come home already? She's been 'dead' for like 3 seasons!" I say as Allison shows up on the screen. This girl is getting on my nerves!

"I know right! She is being dramatic!" Ashley agrees. I nod and end our little rant with silence as the show continues.

Soon Leah falls asleep in my lap. I pick her up gently, trying not to disturb her and set her in a swing that we bought. I turn it on slow and lay her lamb next to her. She clutches onto it immediately and sighs in her sleep.

Ashley turns down the show so it doesn't wake up Leah, and I walk to the kitchen and grab myself a snack before returning to my chill day with Ashley.

Hey guys! Sorry, this was a boring, filler chapter. But I was in the mood to write. So, a comment caught my attention asking how they have this money. So I felt like I needed to explain. So, Mrs. Mayor has this really good job at a business, which I think I mentioned in the earlier chapters of the book, so they have money. They aren't rich, but they have a good amount. And I never said she shopped at expensive places.

Another comment was asking about why her wolf doesn't talk to her. I personally don't like that, it just doesn't seem realistic. And besides, we have no evidence of werewolves, so who is to say that the wolf talks to that person in particular? So I personally don't wrote about that. In my opinion, your wolf is you, the same person. So she won't talk to her wolf, she will turn into her wolf still, but she doesn't talk to it. And in the next book, yes there will be a sequel (don't know if I mentioned that), werewolves will be more incorporated in that one.

A little note on the next book. I was thinking that maybe I could write a separate book from this series before the sequel, maybe not, I'm still on the fence about it. Would you guys read it? Anyways, vote and comment, means a lot!

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