Chapter 25: Marks

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I try and slow my breathing. I don't want the intruder to hear me. The tears of fear roll down my face at a fast pace, and my hands shake. The person walks around a bit before going up the steps. To my Mom. To Ashley. To Logan. I have to do something. I crawl out out of the cabinet and tip toe up the steps and follow the intruder. They walk past everyone's room and head to the end of the hall. My room. Why are they going to my room?

I hold the knife up with both my hands and walk to my room. I hide behind the wall separating my room from the hall. Maybe they'll leave. The person looks around as if to look for someone. When I realize they won't leave till they get what they want, I leave my hiding spot and raise the weapon as I walk behind the person.

They turn around in a flash and I release a breath of relief and set the knife down. "Oh thank god. I thought I might have to kill a person." I say to a confused Cole.

"Why is that?" he asks me. I look up at him in disbelief.

"I thought some came to my house to kill my family. Why else would I kill someone? Self defense genius!" I say in a 'Duh' tone. He rolls his eyes and looks at the knife.

"What are you doing here anyways?" I ask him and walk downstairs to grab my food, I grab the knife and continue to walk with him behind me.

"I came to talk to you since we haven't talked in a month. I missed you." he says and shrugs.

"Oh bull crap!" I say and set the knife in the block on the counter and turn around to face him, forgetting all messages about how he loves me, he still rejected me!

"Why? Why don't you believe me at all!" he says and walks up to me so we're an arms length apart. I cross my arms over my chest and lean against the counter.

"Because you don't tell the truth Cole! If you loved me, you wouldn't have rejected me!" I say to him, slightly raising my voice. No one will hear. The walls are sound proof. He is fuming by now. Anger issues!

"I gave you a reason for that! I told you I was scared! I'm only 17 for gods sake!" he shouts. I roll my eyes.

"Yeah Cole, play that card. Guess what, I think I have you beat there. I'm 17 and pregnant. I have to give up my life because of one stupid mistake. I wish I never threw that dang party! Ever since then, everything has been ruined!" I shout at him and stand up straight and throw my hands in the air angrily.

"You know, the real problem is, is that I met you. Now get out of my house!" I whisper to him, getting up in his face. His eyes aren't his usual shade of green, they're pitch black with anger.

"Fine." he whispers back and leaves my house. Why is it that everytime he comes here, it ends in a fight?

They turn off the last movie, and Ash and I stand up.

"Wanna go to get food?" she asks me. I nod and pick up my bag. Ashley knows about my fight with Cole. She asked why I was so tense, and I explained it to her. She reassured me that he was a jerk. Now I'm over it. Simple as that. I'm really done with his crap. He is so bipolar, I swear he's one of those big swings that you see at amusement parks.

We exit the theater and step into the afternoon chill. It's only around 2:30. We walk down the street and enter the local burger shop when a staggering pain hits my chest. I clutch onto it and grab Ashley's shoulder for support. She looks at me, worried as heck, and shouts words at me that I can't hear. I fall into her arms as my vision dims.

Cole is marking someone else.

Like, is this even a chapter? But some shocking stuff happened this chapter. Pretty bad stuff. Please don't kill me! I feel like there needs to be more drama! Is this enough? Or to extreme? Oh my gosh, as I wrote the last sentence I was so sad! I was rooting for Cole! But he's a jerk. All those Cole supporters out there, don't give up on this book yet! There still will be Cole and Morgan people! They can't give up on each other so soon! Vote and comment, means a lot!

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