Chapter 5: Suspension And Horrible Lies

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We sit down in the uncomfortable chairs. Emily to the left of me, and Cole to the right. His amazing scent invades mg nose as he sits down. It calms me, even after everything. It does, and will, until I die.

"So anyone wanna tell me what happened this morning?" Mr. Andrews asks us.

"I don't know, she just came onto me. Maybe she has a crush on me. Who knows." Cole says. I scoff and roll my eyes as Em stands up angrily.

"In your dreams man wh**e!" Emily shouts. I grab her arm and pull her back onto the chair.

"Ms. Lowe, please watch your language, you are at school." Mr. Andrews says. Emily looks down and blushes.

"Sorry Mr. Andrews." she says quietly. Cole rolls his eyes and smirks.

"Okay, Ms. Mayor, can you tell me what happened?" Mr. Andrews says, turning his attention to me.

"Um, it was just a small misunderstanding." I say quietly, rubbing my hands together.

"And what was the misunderstanding?" he asks me. Great. Now what? Think Morgan, think!

"Um, I just, you know, had a crush on Cole, told him, and he told his friends I guess, and I complained to Emily. She went all best friend bear and attacked him. It's all my fault and I'm so sorry." I say to him. He raises an eyebrow and nods slowly.

"If that's all, then, you're all free to go, but Ms. Lowe, your suspended for a week." he says and motions us out.

We all leave the principals office and Cole walks away while Emily turns to me.

"Good job Moo Moo! Nice lie." she says proudly. I've never been good at lying, so this was an accomplishment. I laugh and nod.

"Okay Em, but we have to get to second period." I say and drag her to class.

I grab the bucket of fries and cheeseburger that I always get for lunch, and walk to where Emily and I sit.

In my lunchroom, there is your normal tables, but on the walls, there are these island things that stick out of the wall with chairs attached, and they're located by the windows. We sit on the island things.

I plop down next to a clearly hungry Emily, and take small bites of my burger. "How was class?" I ask Emily. She shrugs.

"Okay I guess, but you know the lecture Mr. Wilhelm gave? So boring!" she says. I laugh and nod.

"I know right! The guy I sit next to fell asleep, and had drool. So, ew!" I say and shudder at the memory that will haunt me forever.

"Ick! I would of barfed then and there if that happened to me!" she says, with a disgusted face. I burst out laughing at her face. She looks so ridiculous!

"Forget you!" she says, and turns back to her food.

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