Chapter 49: My Baby Girl

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I shift and fall to the ground while smiling like an idiot. I grab the clothes from around my ankle and throw them on really quickly before standing up and turning to Cole, who is now fully clothed. He smiles at me before we slowly start creeping to the door.

We stop at the front door and we stand on either side. I so badly want to go and stop Leah's cries, but I can't, not yet. I close my eyes. I'm coming baby.

Cole hands me a gun from the bag and he grabs one himself before slinging the bag across his body and he motions his head to the door. I nod and stand in front of it before kicking the wood down.

We enter the house and look around before turning. I hear Leah's cries come from the bedroom down the hall. I look to Cole and plead with my eyes. He nods. I sigh in relief and walk down the hallway, gun in hand, and stop at the door.

She cries again. That's my breaking point. I need to get to her. I open the door slowly and smile when I see her laying in the crib. I shove the gun in my waist band and walk to the crib. Her little eyes are shut tightly, and her face is red.

"It's okay baby, Mama's here." I say and reach for her, but someone wraps their arms around me, and it's not Cole. I scream into the hand covering my mouth and then, gag, lick the hand. Their hand flies away from my mouth, and I take the opportunity to turn and punch the person in the nose and kick their feet, knocking them over.

I lean down to rip the mask off their face, but they grab my arm and twist it behind my back. I cry out in pain as the person stands and breaths in my ear.

"Shhhh" A man voice whispers. The person behind me is a man. I lift my leg up and kick him where the sun doesn't shine.

"Ah you b***h!" he yells as he grips his, um, area. I laugh and attempt to kick him down, but he grabs my foot and pulls me down with him. I yell as he pulls me down and gets on top of me.

"Cole! Cole!" I shout. The man shakes his head.

"Tsk tsk tsk. My men have him surrounded, he won't get to you or your daughter anytime soon." he says to me.

"No! Don't you dare touch her! Or I swear I will kill you!" I shout angrily at him. He laughs evily.

"Oh don't worry Morgan, I won't touch her, but you, you see, I will touch you." he says and runs his hands along my body. I squirm.

"Stop! Why are you doing this?" I say weakly. He rips his mask off.

"Because baby, I'm your mate." he says and touches my breast. I close my eyes and grit my teeth.

"No you're not." I say and shake my head.

"Yes I am babe." the guy says and slips his hand down the back of my shirt and travels down to my bra before unclipping it.

"No. You're insane." I say as he travels his hand to my front and touches my chest area. A tear escapes my eye.

"No I'm not baby. Gosh, you are so soft." he says to me. I lean my head on the dusty floor. There's no way out of this. By this point, I'm shaking out of fear.

"Get off her." Cole says. I sigh in relief as the guy looks up, but doesn't stop.

"Ah Cole. Nice to see you." I hear the click of a gun.

"Get off of her." Cole says through gritted teeth. The man quirks an eyebrow.

"Why? Does this bother you?" he asks and travels his hand lower. I whimper.

"Stop it!" he yells. He travels lower then my stomach.

"No Cole. She's my mate." he says and looks at my face.

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