Chapter 48: Like Serious X-Men

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Cole POV

She stands there fuming. I probably look about the same. Morgan opens her mouth to protest, but wavers slightly and brings a hand to her head.
"You okay Morgan?" I ask her and approach her. Her eyelids flutter shut and she begins falling. I quickly run to her and catch her so she isn't hurt further.

"Morgan!" I say worriedly. I quickly mind link Kaylee and tell her what has happened before turning attention to Morgan who doesn't seem hurt at all, at peace in fact.

"Morgan, come on, get up." I whisper to her. She makes no effort to respond when I hear my door open. I look up and see Kaylee rushing in.

"Why didn't you take her to my office!" she shouts angrily before kneeling down in front of her and examining her.

"Has she been working herself too hard?" she asks me. I shake my head while looking at Morgan's face.

"I don't know. We were going through paperwork and then we started arguing and then she just, fainted." I say whilst panicking.

"Cole, calm down, we need to get her to the hospital stat." she orders. I nod and pick her up before rushing her to the hospital.

I lay her on the bed and sit down next to her before running my hands through my tangles of hair as Kaylee begins examining.

"Is she gonna be okay?" I ask through gritted teeth, not looking up.

"Cole. Please be quiet. I'm working on it." Kaylee responds angrily. I shake my head and fight the tears. She can't be hurt. Not because of me.

This is all my fault. Everything is my fault! I'm the one who manipulated her, I'm the one who took advantage of her and then rejected her! Then I'm the one that told her to abort Leah and the one who was so bipolar with her and the one who put her through all this crap, and she still cares about me.

"Cole." Kaylee says, grabbing my attention. I look up to find her looking at Morgan. I look down and see her stir.

"Oh thank god!" I say relieved. She is okay. I let out a breath of relief when she opens her eyes, revealing her green irises. She looks around confused.

"Why am I here?" she mumbles under her breath before her eyes land on me. I smile gently at her.

"Cole! I know where Leah is!" she shouts happily. I furrow my eyebrows and shake my head.

"How?" I ask her. Her smile falters and she shakes her head whilst looking down.

"That-That doesn't matter. But I do know where. We have to hurry." she stutters before lifting her head. I nod and turn to Kaylee.

"Can we leave?" I ask her. She shrugs.

"Everything seems okay, so go ahead. But no over working. Now go find your baby." she says with a smile. We nod eagerly before helping Morgan up and rushing out of the room and to my office.

I round my desk and grab my map. "Okay. Where is she?" I ask her.

"Yeah, about that. I don't have the address, but I know what the building looks like." she explains. I look up and see her twiddling with her thumbs.

"What? That makes no sense Morgan. How do you know what the building looks like? Who told you?" I ask her and put away my map. She looks at me.

"It doesn't matter. Just please trust me. Now we have to go. Please." she asks. I sigh.

"Fine. But we need help." I order. She shakes her head.

"No. I don't know anyone enough to trust them. Just, can we please just go? Only the two of us?" she asks.

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