Chapter 30: Happy Endings

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Leaning back in my seat and tapping the door, I think back to the night that changed my life forever. I decided to throw a party, first mistake. I do not do parties, I'm more of a stay at home and watch Pretty Little Liars with my fuzzy socks and potato chips kinda gal, but you already know this.

My second mistake was allowing some stranger whom I just met, to make out with me, and later, take my v-card. Of course, being the naive girl I am, I thought it would last forever.

Are happy endings even real? I've never personally witnessed one, so who's to say there are real happy endings, where the the girl gets the hot guy who she never thought she would ever get?

The only way I can prove to myself that there are happy endings, is to witness it. But I haven't, have I?

My mother never got her happy ending, my Dad died. I never got my happy ending, my mate rejected me. These are my only resources, so who can blame me for not believing in happy endings anymore? Cut me some slack, I'm 17 and pregnant with a guys baby, and he doesn't love me like he's supposed to, he loves her!

Maybe John Green is right, there never is a happy ending. Like, look at his work! Gus died in The Fault In Our Stars, and in Paper Towns, Margo never came back with Q!

Am I just destined to never get a happy ending? Will everyone else get one but me? Maybe it's selfish that I envy people who are happy, but I'm human. I get jealous.

I sigh and shake my head as I get out of the car after Mom parks at the festival. I should be happy, I'm at a festival! But who would be happy if they were denied happy endings? But I can't ruin this night for my family, so I plaster on a fake smile and I fake laughing, and screeching with joy as Ashley attempts to make me happy, she knows I'm upset.

"Can we go there first?" Logan asks and points at a small roller coaster. Mom shakes her head.

"No honey, Morgan can't go on it. This is a family night. We want to do things together." Mom says. I shake my head and fake smile.

"Go ahead. I want to grab some food. Go have some fun and ride all the fun rides so we can get them out of the way." I say and walk away waving before they can object. I really do want food, but I want to let my family have fun, I can't ruin their night because if my mistake.

I walk up to the food stand and buy a funnel cake before sitting down on a bench and admiring the lights. I look around at the happy couples. I want that. But I can't have it. I want it with Cole more then anything though, not with someone else. Some guy who is not him. Not my mate.

But, I want to be happy. Cole is happy, so why can't I be? I want to be loved, and Cole already loves. He marked her for crying out loud! He has to love her! I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket and pick it up before checking.
"Hello?" I say through the phone.

"Hey Morgan." his voice says through the receiver. I sigh out of annoyance, and make it obvious, call me sadistic.

"What is it Cole? Shouldn't you be off kissing your new mate? I'm busy." I lie. He chuckles.

"No you're not." he says, diverting the attention from his mate, yeah, I noticed that bucko.

"How is May anyways?" I ask, feigning interest. He sighs.

"Morgan, I didn't call to talk about her." he says. I scoff.

"Then why did you call Cole? I thought I made it quite obvious that I don't want you calling." I say annoyed.
"Morgan, I wanted to try and call you to talk things out, I know you hate me and-" he says, but I cut him off.

"Yes, I do hate you. Bye Cole." I say and hang up as he shouts protests. I stare at my screen. Perfect timing right? He called me while I was secretly planning on his murder, as if I would talk to him. As if! I chuckle quietly. I amuse myself.

I continue to stare at the screen, not being able to pull my eyes away from it. Like I'm subconsciously doing something. Then my thumb hits his number. I don't choose Cole, or heartbreak.

I choose to be happy, and now, maybe I will be.

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