Chapter 8: All The Up To Date Gossip With Em

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As I sit on my couch watching 'Pretty Little Liars' I reflect on this past month. I found mate, had... it, got rejected, broke up a fight between my best friend and ex-mate, went to the principals office, and figured out I'm pregnant at 17. Pretty crazy month. I shake my head. I need to get out and distract myself. I pull out my phone and send a quick message to Em.

Wanna go out?
Moo Moo🐮

I set the phone down and pay attention to my Pretty Little Liars. I hope they find A soon. My phone pings and I pick it up.

Duh! When and where? I'm all yours chica.

Lol, okay, wanna go 2 Bigfoot Java? Then just talk there?
Moo Moo🐮

Sure. Pick u up?

If u want
Moo Moo🐮

Kk, see ya in like 5 minutes

See ya then
Moo Moo🐮

I quickly text Logan and tell him I'll be back at 1:30 and put the phone in my purse when I hear a honk. I jog outside and get in Em's car.

"Hey girly" she greets me. I smile.

"Hello to you too." I greet. She laughs.

"Why so formal and uptight?" she asks me with a smile as we drive to Bigfoot Java.

"Because I feel like it." I answer and turn up the radio.

"What do you wanna talk about?" she asks me. I turn to her.

"If you had a huge life changing secret, would you tell your best friend first? Or the person responsible?" I ask her seriously. She looks at me out of the corner of her eyes.

"Why Morgan? Something you need to tell me?" she asks me. I groan.

"Just answer the question." I say.

"Um, I don't know. Depends on the situation." she responds. I sigh and shake my head.

"Never mind." I say as we pull into a spot. She stops the car.

"Okay." she says suspiciously. We walk into Bigfoot Java in complete silence. I order our normal and we sit in a table in the corner.

"Anything interesting going on in your life?" I ask her. She shrugs.

"Nothing really, but guess what! I heard that Darian found his mate!" she says happily. I laugh and nod.

"Must be someone into video games, I swear, that boy would marry video games if it were up to him. She must be made from a computer or something." I respond. She giggles and laughs.

"Anything going on with your love life?" she asks me. I shake my head as my smile falters.

"We know what happened with my mate. I'll be lucky if I find love ever again." I say sadly. She nods, losing her smile as well. She rests her hand on mine.

"You'll find someone Morgan. Don't worry." she reassures sincerely. I nod and give her a forced smile. She smiles back genuinely.

"Anything with you love life?" I ask her, brightening the mood. She sighs and shakes her head.

"Nothing yet, but I feel like I might find him soon." she says hopefully. I nod.

"Yeah, I hope he's just what you wished for." I say with a smile.

"Me too. But I doubt he will be. Look what you got. Someone you've hated your whole life who is a huge jerk." she says with a look of disgust just thinking about Cole.

"No. Don't think like that. I just got a bad one, but you will definitely get an awesome mate!" I say happily with a big smile on my face. She laughs as our orders are called.

I lay on my comfy bed and melt into my sheets. So fuzzy! I spent my day with Emily walking around on main street where small shops are. I picked up Logan from the skate park and dragged him around with us. He was on his phone the whole time. After that, I took Logan home, we got here around 5:45, so I made dinner and Mom got home in time for it luckily, so we had a family movie night and hung out with each other until 10:00 pm, we all came up here, and I took a shower and here I am.

I was halfway asleep in my warm bed when I heard the window open. I dismissed it as wind until I heard everything on my desk fall from impact. I shot up and turned on my lamp.

"Cole! What the heck are you doing here!" I whispered/yelled.

"I'm here to see you obviously." he says with a smirk. I look at my once neat desk, now everything is a mess. I stand up and fix everything.

"You knocked over my stuff." I say angrily. I turn around and find him checking me out.

"Nice legs." he compliments. I blush a deep shade of red remembering now, that I put on my booty shorts for bed. I didn't think anyone would sneak in my window in the middle of the night! Who does? I regain my composure and snap.

"Eyes up here lover boy." I say to him. His eyes meet my own.

"What were you here for?" I ask him angrily.

"Wanted to visit, was in the neighborhood." he says simply.

"Well, get out of the neighborhood. We have school tomorrow." I say. He chuckles. I swear he's bipolar. One day he hates me, the next he's my friend. What is up with this dude?

"What if I don't wanna get out of the neighborhood?" he asks as he approaches me slowly. I back up and hit the desk. I'm screwed.

"Your choice. But get out of my house, I like to sleep." I say as he keeps getting closer until our noses almost touch. He places his hands on my hips. It sends sparks through my body. I look into his pale green eyes and fall into them. No! He rejected you! He left you after taking your v-card, and got you pregnant.

"What if I don't want to get out of your house? Or even your room?" he asks me, his breath fanning my face. No! No! No!

"W-well." I stutter he chuckles.

"Do I put you at a loss for words Morgan?" he asks me. I suck in a breath as he kisses my temple and jumps onto my windowsill.

"See ya tomorrow Morgan." he says before he disappears into the night.

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