Chapter 10: Get Rid Of It

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He drags me out of the lunchroom and into the deserted hallway. I pull my arm back and stare at him angrily while rubbing my now sore forearm.

"Was that necessary! You could of just come up to me and asked me to talk, calmly, but instead you grab my arm, painfully may I add, and drag me out here!" I half shout. He scoffs angrily.

"Like you would come any other way." he says. I'm angry now.

"Oh please! You don't know what I would do! Because you don't know me! You used me and then through me out! I'm supposed to be your mate! Your one and only! Yet, you through me out like one of your bed buddies!" I shout angrily. Now we're both mad.

"Guess what Morgan! You want a relationship! Fine! You have one! You want a father to our baby! You have one!" he shouts as a response. I falter.

"What did you say?" I ask weakly. He holds up the pregnancy stick that was hidden behind my books. I move to get it, but he holds it higher then me.

"I know about it Morgan. I f*****g know about your little secret. When were you gonna tell me?" he says angrily. I stand on my tiptoes and snatch the test.

"Soon. But I wanted to figure things out. I wanted to know my place." I say truthfully while looking into his eyes.
He takes a deep breath.

"Am I the first to know? No one else knows?" he says, calming down. I nod and put the test in my bag.

"What do you want to do?" I ask him. His soft face turns hard again, like he put on a mask.

"Get rid of it." he says before walking off.

I know, I know. Does this even qualify as a chapter? Well, Cole knows, and isn't to happy. Can we take a minute and think about this? Like what's up with Cole?! He's so bipolar! Poor Morgan! Vote and comment, means a lot!

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