Chapter 20: First Day

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"Get up, get up, get up!" Is the first thing I hear on Monday morning. I groan.

"Come on Morgan, it's my first day, I have to get there early so you can show me around." Ashley whines. I sigh and sit up to find Ashley already dressed in a cream colored sweater with a heart made of flowers in the center, it's paired with light blue jeans and her tan ankle boots (outfit above). Her hair, which is usually up, is now down, flowing in her natural waves.

She has makeup on, consisting of light pink lipstick, foundation, concealer, light pink blush, and champagne colored eyeshadow and some light eyeliner. The thing about Ashley, is that she is a tomboy, but she likes to look nice, so I guess she is kind of tomboy and kind of girly girl.

"Fine. But I will get you back for this!" I say and get out of my bed. She smiles and sits down on my couch/bookshelf. I get up reluctantly and walk to my closet before picking out an oversized cream colored sweater, black jeans, and brown boots. I brush my long hair and leave it down.

"You excited?" I ask her as I sit down at my vanity and apply some light link lipstick, blush, light brown eyeshadow, and some eyeliner.

"Yes! I get to go to school with my fav cousin!" she says happily and gets up, skipping over to me and hugs me. I hug her back before releasing her.

"Okay, let's wake up Logan." I say with a smile. We practiced for this last night. I turn on 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' and we enter his room. I turn to Ashley.

"Ash, do girls like to have fun?" I ask her dramatically. She taps her chin.

"Well yes, but I'm not so sure about you." she says mischievously. I laugh and shove her.

"Well, if girls wanna have fun," I say and we start belting out the words. Logan groans and throws a pillow at us. We laugh and dance around. We pull Logan out of bed and make him dance with us. He grunts and retreats to his bathroom. I stop the music and laugh with Ashley as we walk downstairs.

"That was awesome! Do you do this everyday?" she asks me. I laugh and nod.

"Yeah, it's hilarious to see his reaction." I say and laugh. Ashley gasps happily and taps my shoulder frantically.

"We should poor water on him tomorrow!" she says with a smile. I nod with a big smile.

"Yes! How have I never done that?" I ask her as we walk into the kitchen.

"Because I wasn't here." she says happily while we sit down and Mom hands us eggs and bacon with toast.

"Thanks Mom." I say and dig in.

"Thanks Aunt Kels." Ashley thanks. My Mom nods.

"How was shopping?" Mom asks. I smile remembering all the cute outfits.

"Awesome. We got really cute baby clothes." I say and finish my eggs. She nods and raises an eyebrow.

"Gender neutral?" she asks me. I shake my head.

"Honey, you don't know the gender yet, you can't but certain clothes when you don't know." she says. I nod.

"Yeah, but 1, I have a feeling it's a girl, and 2, if it's a boy, I can just save it for my next kid." I explain. She sighs.

"Okay, listen, I have to go, love you two." she says and kisses our heads before shouting a goodbye to Logan and leaving.

We pull up to school in my car and park. I turn to Ashley.

"Ready?" I ask her. She nods nervously.

"Don't worry, you have me." I reassure her and rub her shoulder gently before getting out. She gets out as well. She rounds the car and meet up as we walk in, Ashley looking around, getting all the information she can. She's like a freshman today.

"Come on, need to get you to the office for you to get a map and stuff." I say and drag her through the heaps if people.

"This is a big school. With a lot of people." she says shocked. I nod as we enter the front office.

"Morning Ms. Jenkins." I greet her. She looks up and smiles kindly at us.

"Good morning Morgan, who's this?" she asks me as we stand in front of the desk.

"Yeah, this is my cousin Ashley James. She's Uncle Jack's daughter." I say. Ms. Jenkins has been here since my Mom went here. So she knows Mom and her little brother, my uncle, Jack. Ashley smiles at her and shakes her hand.

"Hi." Ashley says gently. Ms. Jenkins smiles at her.

"Nice to meet you, you know, you look just like your father when he was your age." she says. Ash laughs.

"Thank you." Ashley says. We share small talk before Ashley gets her things and we leave.

"Okay, so your locker 216, that is like, 2 lockers away from mine because of alphabetical order, so lets go." I say happily. She nods as she follows me to our lockers. I point to hers.

"This is yours," I start and then move two lockers up and point at mine, "And this is mine." I say. She nods as I open my locker and she opens hers.

"Your books are already in there." I say. She nods and pulls hers out. I grab mine and shut my locker as Ash walks to me. I steal her phone and send the photo of her schedule to my phone. I give her the phone back and look at her schedule on my phone.

"Okay so, you have Mr. Wilhem first. I will show you the way, come on." I say and lead her to his room. Mr. Wilhem is a young teacher, 24 I think, and he is hot!

"Okay Ash, be prepared for how cute Mr. Wilhem is. He is also pretty nice, but is sometimes boring. He's 24, so he is pretty cool about everything, and is very lenient. But turn in assignments on time, he grades harshly." I explain. She nods.

"Like how hot? On a scale of one to ten?" she asks.

"A twenty. Now come on and meet Mr. Hot Teacher." I say as I open the door and find Mr. Wilhem writing in the board.

"Hey Mr. W." I say he looks at me and puts down the pen.

"Hey Morgan, you're not in my first period. What's up?" he asks me. I gesture to my cousin.

"Um, this is Ashley James, your new student, she's my cousin." I introduce. He nods and smiles at her before walking to us and shaking her hand.

"Hi Ms. James, as you know, I'm Mr. Wilhem. Go ahead and take a seat, class starts shortly." he says and returns to the board. I turn to Ashley.

"You can do this, hold your head high and don't let anyone get to you. I will meet you after class to take you to 2nd. Be brave." I say and hug her.

"Okay, I got it, just please let me go before I die, I'd like to graduate next year please." she says. I pull away and wave goodbye before leaving. I hope she makes it. Dramatic, I know.

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Kelsey Jack Aria(27years)
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Morgan Logan Ashley

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