Chapter 6: I Just Need My Mom

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A Few Weeks Later....

I wake up with the taste of bile rising in my throat. I rush to the toilet and throw up all remnants of food left in my stomach. My mornings have been starting off like this for a few weeks now. I think I know what's wrong.

I try and remember if Cole put on a condom when we.. you know what. I really don't think we did. Caught up in the moment and stuff. I sigh and rest my head on my hand after finishing. Why was I so stupid? I'm only 17!

I stand up slowly and walk to my sink and open the cabinet door before pulling out a test that I bought awhile back. I read the directions quickly before peeing on the stick.

Once I finish, I set the test on the counter and wash my hands off. I grab the test once finished and exit the en suite bathroom and sit on my bed. I swear, if I'm pregnant, I'm gonna kill Cole. Even though, this is partially my fault.

I look out my window and at the tree that sits slightly beyond my window. I remember when Dad was still alive, we used to climb the tree together.


I begin climbing the tall tree, Daddy told me to wait, but he took too long! I step on the branch and look into my window. This is my favorite branch, I can crawl across it and reach my window, but Mama doesn't like me doing that.

I shake my head and smile slightly. What Mama doesn't know, can't hurt her. I begin the small journey across the branch and feel it wobble beneath me. Whatever, trees wobble. I reach my window and begin unlocking it, with much difficulty.

The tree branch shakes even harder. I really don't wanna die. I'm too young! I quickly try and make it back. Come on Morgan! My fingertips touch something, weird. I look down and see a big, icky bug! Eew! I squeal and move my hand. I feel myself falling over when I slip off the high branch.

I begin screaming as I fall to my death. This is it. Death by bug. My untimely demise is death by bug. Great way to die (note the sarcasm). I scream even louder so that it hurts my throat.

I prepare for my death. I love Mama, Daddy, Logan, Emily, and that cute kid who I want to marry, what's his name? Oh yeah! Cole Greystone, hopefully he marries that girl, um, Kyle? No, Kylie! Or, Julia! That's it!

I land in a big pair of arms. I squeeze them just to make sure. Yup, these are arms.

"God?" I ask quietly. God chuckles.

"No Pumpkin Spice, it's Daddy." God says. I turn around and look at him. It is Daddy! I throw my arms around him.

"I'm sorry for not following the rules Daddy! If it makes you feel better, you were number two on the list of people I said I loved when I thought I was gonna die!" I say to him. He chuckles again.

"Then who was number one? Who would be better then me? Was it that Cole kid?" he asks me. I pull away from our hug and hit his shoulder.

"No! Cole was last on the list, it was Mama." I say. He laughs again and sets me on the ground.

"At least he isn't taking my spot. Mama won't be happy though that you broke the rules." Daddy says. I nod and look down.

"Sorry Daddy." I say quietly. He bends down to my height and makes me look at him.

"It's okay Pumpkin. I'm happy you're not hurt. I love you, remember that." he says with a small smile. I nod and smile back.

"Love you too Daddy."

End of flashback

Yes, I did have a crush on Cole. But that was when I was 7 or 8. He never did end up with Julia. She actually moved away to Alaska.

The small beep pulls me out of my thoughts. I look down at the stick and read it.


I stare at it for a bit. Maybe, it will go away if I just keep staring. I hear my door open and I hide the test and wipe away a stray tear. Logan, my very moody 13 year old brother enters the room looking down at his phone.

"Mom wants you downstairs." he says, without taking his eyes off the screen, causing his brown hair bieber cut to get in his face.

"Okay." I answer and stand as Logan walks away and shuts his bedroom door. He is in there all the time. I hear the familiar Hip-Hop/Rap music that he plays everyday, turn on.

Today is Saturday, so I have time to process this. I look back at the test that defines my future. Could I give the baby up? Should I get an abortion? I shake my head and pick it up before stowing it away behind my books placed on the bookshelf beneath my couch, which is across my bed. No one will look here.

I exit my room and go downstairs to find my Mom's back facing me. Her red hair is down in waves today.

"Wanted to see me?" I ask her she turns and motions for me to sit down.

"Yeah. Take a seat." she says. I nod and sit in the island chair across from her. She gives me a small smile.

"Honey. You seem off. Is something bothering you?" she asks me, clearly worried for her child's wellbeing.

"If I work too much, or am not home enough-" she starts, but I cut her off.

"No Mom, it's not about you." I reassure her. She furrows her eyebrows.

"Then what's wrong?" she asks me. I sigh and look down.

"I found my mate on my birthday." I say. She gasps.

"Honey, that's wonderful! Why didn't you tell me? Who is he? Is he cute? Does he treat you well?" she asks me and comes around to give me a tight hug. She pulls away.

"It's Cole Greystone. Future Alpha." I say. She smiles, like more, beams with happiness. If only I was that happy about it.

"Morgan that's wonderful! Didn't you have a crush on him?" she asks me. I nod and sit down.

"A long time ago, but I don't like him anymore." I say sadly.

"Why not baby?" she asks me, and kneels down in front of the chair.

"Because, Mama, he rejected me after sleeping with me!" I say and break down in sobs. She hugs me tightly. I had these feelings stored away in a box never to be opened again, and yet, here they are.

"Oh Morgan, I'm so sorry." My Mom says soothingly and rubs my back.

"Why? Was I not good enough?" I ask her, the tears streaming down my face.

"No honey, you're perfect. He's just too stupid to say that, and to reject you. Don't blame yourself baby." she reassures. I clutch onto her and hold for dear life. I just need my Mom.

The secret is revealed! It wasn't much of a secret though. This chapter was so sad! Bringing up her Dad, and the heart to heart with her mom. So what will Morgan do? What should she do? Keep the baby? Put it up for adoption? Abort it? I don't know...

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