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"AYE BABE TURN THE NEWS ON!!" Crys yelled from upstairs. I turned to the news and paused my pipe smoking when I seen Ray's picture on the screen. It was a mugshot.

Not only was she convicted for robbery and faking a death, but she was being put into a mental hospital before being sentenced to prison time. It was the best day ever.

I ran upstairs and hugged Crys from behind. Even though she was wet and naked from her shower.

"It's the best day ever babe. Deadass that just made my whole day." I said looking at her in the mirror.

"I knew that would make you happy." She said with a laugh. "Now will you let go so I can get dressed?"

"You must not know me." I said smirking. Her cheeks turned red as my hands traveled over her smooth skin, touching every sweet spot and making her want it.

"Mmm baby stop teasing me." She said. I kissed on her shoulders, sucked on her neck, and ran my tongue from her neck down to her lower back. I stood back up and turned her around.

The look she gave me had me ready to fuck her up. I just had a little obsession with hearing her beg. I ran my fingers across her clit and she bit my bare shoulder.

"You're so wet. I want to taste you so bad. I'm hungry for you." I whispered in her ears as I teased her with my index finger. She gripped my shirt and moaned.

"Fuckk don't talk like that. You know I can't handle it." She whined. I smirked and laid back on the bed.

"Come here. You know the deal." I said licking my lips. She got on the bed and I positioned her on my face. I loved doing this to her at the start of her day. Making it hard for her to walk for a few hours. But this time, I was about to do so much extra.


Crys was sleep now and I was satisfied with how long she kept herself together. I always put in work no matter what. I was laying next to her when I got a text from Bria.

Hoe #3- Why haven't you called me in so long?

Me- Girl bye. I'm with Crys

Hoe #3- So tf what? I can still satisfy you on the dl

Me- Foh man. Crys gives better head than you. She tastes better and bitch you not nowhere near as cute as her. Don't text me no more.

I rolled my eyes and put down my phone. My doorbell rang so I went downstairs to open it. It was Crys's ex and some other bitch who must've been her friend.

"Mann what the fuck you want?" I asked.

"Where is Crys?" She asked.

"She sleep. Bye nigga." I tried shutting the door but both of them held it open. They pulled me outside and attempted to jump me. Ohh my fucking god. Once I felt a sharp piercing pain to my stomach, I pulled the glock out the waist of my jeans.

They both stopped once they seen what was in my hand.

"Look. The both of y'all fucking with the wrong fucking nigga. I'm from the hood. Keep trying me. Crys don't want yo weak tongue, dirty weave, baby dyke face ass. I suggest you leave right fucking now before I bust a cap in both y'all asses." I said calmly. They walked away with their hands up and I went back inside. That kick really fucking hurt.

I poured myself a drink and grabbed an ice pack. I was pissed now. I lifted my shirt and a bruise was already starting to show up. I put my shirt back down and put the ice on the spot she kicked.

I drank my drink while my phone blew the fuck up. I looked and seen my mom's husband's name on the screen.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Jalea you need to come to the hospital. Your mom was shot in a drive by." I jumped up and dropped my cup on the floor. I didn't even care. I hung up and grabbed my car keys then drove to the hospital.

I found Mike in the hallway crying. I ran up to him, still holding the ice pack on my stomach.

"Where is she?!"

"She's in the room." He said in sobs. I walked in and felt..I don't know what I felt. She was covered with a blanket. She died already. I was scared to find out why Mike was crying so hard and now I know why.

I sat in the chair next to the bed and cried. I kept crying until eventually I had to run in the bathroom and throw up. The nurse came in the room and stopped me before leaving.

"Is something wrong?" She asked.

"Uhh other than my mom dying, something is wrong internally. I got kicked in the side earlier." I said showing her the bruise which was now purple.

"Come with me." I followed her to an examination room and she set some shit up. She giving me special treatment and shit.

"See anything?" I asked as she did some shit with some jelly to see what was wrong.

"It seems to me that your rib broke and puntured an organ. You'll need surgery to get it removed." She explained taking off her gloves.

"Oh my god. How long will that take?"

"Not long but you will have to stay a few days after. Call who you need to. I'll go set up the surgery." She said leaving the room. I sighed and got my phone to call Crys.

She didn't answer so I sent a long ass text message explaining everything. Then I met the doctor who would be cutting me open. They must not be very busy today.

4 Hours Later

I woke up to see Crys sitting in a chair next to me and food on the table from some diner.

"Oh finally. Wakey wakey." She said playing with my nose. I laughed and sat up. I was sort of in pain but most of it was just numb.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"It's 7:12. I'm sorry to hear about your mom babe. Are you okay?" She asked holding my hand.

"Yeahh I mean shit like this happens. I didn't know her that long. I wish I did but I'll miss her either way and oh my god can you tell your bitch ass ex to stay away from me? Messed up my whole week. I don't wanna be in here."

"We can get a restraining order or something. I was ready to go shoot up her house for this shit. Pissed me the fuck off." She said rolling her eyes.

"Damn babe that's a lil extreme. Give me a hug though. You know you're the last person I got left. I can't lose you too." I said.

She sat on the bed with me and hugged me.

"I'm not going anywhere and I damn sure ain't dying anytime soon. If anything I need to look out for you. Always in something you shouldn't be in." She said shaking her head.

"We got this." I reassured myself.

"We always gon have this babe. I love you." She said kissing my hand. I smiled and looked at the ceiling. I could say things worked out. But they didn't. My mom is dead. Ken is locked up. Ray is locked up. Everything went wrong with her. But I have Crys now and I know we can get through it all together. As long as we got each other..we all good in the hood.

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