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After the last pickup, Dom and I were tired as fuck. We had to kill a man, fight three others, and break in to a few houses. On the way back to the trap, Ken called me.

"Hello" I answered.

"Where the hell you at?"

"I'm out. I'll be back in like 20 minutes." I responded.

"Out where? Better not be getting drunk again." She sounded like she was my legal guardian or some shit.

"I'm not getting drunk man. I'm chilling with this girl. Now you messing my game up bro. I'll be home soon." I hung up and rolled my eyes. I'm always lying to Ken. I'm sure she knows that.

"You got people to report to and shit?" Dom asked laughing.

"Ha ha ha. Nah she's my bestfriend. I almost killed myself off Henny last night so she was worried about me." I proclaimed.

"Why you lie to her though?"

"She would kill my ass if she knew I was working with drugs and shit. Especially since that's not what my family would have wanted."

"Yo family don't know either?" She was looking all concerned like she isn't 13 and abandoned.

"My family gone. Got a sister in prison. My brother died yesterday. My sister died a couple years ago. Ion know where my parents are and I don't give two fucks." I stated as we pulled into the driveway of the trap.

"Well damn." We got out of the car and took Boss his money. He paid both of us more than I would make in three weeks. He made us stay there for a little and he pulled Dom to the side. He talked to her and she kept nodding.

Then he walked up to me.

"I need you to give Dom a place to sleep tonight. I got things to do. Can you do that?" He asked holding out two hundred dollar bills.

"For sure." I took the money and waved Dom over. She grabbed her bag and we went to my car. "Don't be scared of Ken. You shouldn't be. She just looks tough. She's a softie."

Dom smiled and I drove to Ken's house. Dom was hands down the coolest 14 year old I ever met. We instantly clicked. We walked inside the house and Ken looked at Dom confused.

"Who's this?" Ken asked walking over with her arms crossed.

"This is Dom. She gotta stay here for tonight. Is that a problem?" I asked.

"Well nah but why?" Ken asked.

"My motha kicked me out. J found me and said I could stay here until my dad was back from business." Dom explained.

"Aight. You gon have to sleep in her room. Ion got no extras." She nodded and followed me to my room. I got an air mattress from the closet and hooked up the little machine to blow it up.

I grabbed some pajamas and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Until I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I opened it and Ray walked in.

Dom looked up at us from the floor. Ray looked at me confused then had me go into the bathroom. She shut the door and stood against it.

"I think we should keep our distance." She said surprising me.

"Aight. Whatever." I said opening the door again.

"That's it?" She asked clearly expecting me to put up a fight or something. I shrugged.

"Yeah. I'm not boutta be all sad and shit. Fuck outta here." She sighed and left my room. I went back in the bathroom and got in the shower. I don't know why she told me that anyways.

We weren't together. I was only tryna bust a nut. I got out the shower 30 minutes later and rapped to myself as I got my pajamas on. When I walked out the bathroom Dom jumped up.

"You rap?" She asked looking interested.

"Not really. Just a lil bit." I responded shaking my head.

"Sounds like you can rap good as hell. I suggest you get a pad and pencil and write them down. If you really trying to get up outta here, do that. Can you sing too?"

"I used to think I could. But I haven't sang in years." I was really thinking about it.

"Do it then." I laughed and sat on my bed.

"Aight don't laugh." I started to sing Earned It by The Weeknd and got so into it that by the end I was surprised with myself.

"You a damn lie. You know damn well you can sing." Dom said shaking her head.

"Ain't no way nobody is gonna listen to me though. Come on be real." I said wrapping a towel around my hair.

"I am being real J. We can go out and get some of that studio shit and put you on Soundcloud and Youtube. I'm deadass. You can make it somewhere." She proclaimed.

"Aight Dom." I sat down and got on my phone. Tatiana had texted me. I sighed and she called me as I was replying to it. I didn't answer. I sent her the text about Damarius.

Tati- Can we please talk?

Me- No thanks. I'm not interested.

I threw my phone to the side and laid back. Dom looked at me weirdly. I sat back up and looked at her with the same face. She laughed and shook her head.

"I got a question." She said.


"Do you date studs? It looked like you dated that girl that came in here but I never know." I thought about it.

"Nah I don't date her. We was kinda using each other but Ken put an end to that before anything happened. Ion got a girl and I damn sure won't wife no stud." I explained shaking my head. I sent a text to this girl I was using to do my homework and Dom nodded her head.

"Makes sense." She said laying down. I turned the TV off and the last thing I heard was Dom breathing.

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