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^ Jalea ^

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Kee was locked up now. I called the cops anyways. I wasn't gonna let Damarius die. So now he was in the hospital and I was alone. I didn't have my phone and for some reason Ken just didn't feel the need to check on me.

Damarius's blood was still wet and on the floor even after a few hours. I cleaned it all up and washed my blood stained hands. I walked to Ken's house pissed off. Ray was sitting on the porch with some other stud.

"Why you got blood all over you?" Ray asked. I looked at my clothes and sighed.

"Personal problem." I said walking into the house. Ken was sitting there playing her video game. I grabbed my phone and blunt and was on my way out when Ken grabbed me. I didn't even know she got up.

"So what happened? Why you covered in blood?" She asked. I laughed and leaned against the doorway.

"It's not important." I said bluntly. I turned around and walked out the door. Ken followed me asking questions all the way down the street.


"Ken! Leave me alone! Shit. I'm not in the mood. Thanks for coming to see what was up hours ago. Made me feel a little better." I said.

"Shit my bad. Damarius got shot before. I didn't think it was worse than that." She said scratching her head.

"No. Kee shot him. She's locked up. He's in the hospital. I gotta go now." I proclaimed.

"Nah come on." She pulled me to her car and we got in. She took me home and went in with me. I changed my clothes and packed a bag.

Ken and I went back to her house. It was about 5. I had went to the guest room and laid down to take a nap. I wasn't even tired. I was just in a terrible mood.

I got on my phone and I was on Instagram when I heard "knock knock" from a familiar voice.

I sat up and looked at Ray.

"Wassup?" I said.

"We boutta play this dance game. I figured you might want to play since you aren't very happy right now." I was about to laugh. These grown manly looking ass studs playing a dance game.

"Aight I'll play." I went downstairs with her and seen that Dance Central was set up. I took my shoes and socks off so I wouldn't slip. "I'm going first. Whoever plays me better prepare to lose."

Ken laughed hysterically so I mean mugged her. Ray stood next to me looking determined. I let her pick the song and we danced. It was funny. I had forgot about the whole day. Ray is goofy as hell.

But as I said, I won. We played for the rest of the night taking turns and pushing each other out of the way and stuff. By 10, we were all starving and exhausted. Ray's friend went home.

"Y'all wanna go to Buffalo Wings and Rings?" Ken asked. Ray and I both nodded. "Aight y'all go get ya sweaty asses in the shower first."

I laughed and went upstairs to my room to take a shower. I took a real quick one and got dressed in jeans, a button up, and my Timbs.

I had no idea what to do with my hair. I put it up in a very messy bun and put a black bandana on. I put on my favorite diamond earrings and AJ's watch.

I looked nice as fuck. I went downstairs and sat on the couch waiting. Suriya walked in and sat down. I got on my phone and my homie Trey called me.

"What up?" I answered standing up from the couch.

"Ayeee guess what!" He said.


"I'm close to you. You home?" He asked.

"Ah shittt. You back here? I'm at Ken's house." I answered.

"Aight I'm boutta swing by real quick so we can talk."

"Alright bro. Just try to hurry. We was about to head out."

"Oh I'm around the corner. Come out on the porch or something." He exclaimed.

"Got you." He closed with an ight and I hung up. I went out on the porch and sat on the railing. He pulled up in the driveway blocking Ken and Ray in. He hopped out the car and jogged up to the porch.

"Wassup J!" He dapped me up and leaned against the railing next to me.

"Not much. Wassup with you? Why you back here?" I asked.

"Came to visit for a lil while. But you know damn well that answer you gave me ain't gon fly." I sighed.

"Aight man. I been getting jumped more often. Like since you left, niggas been coming for me. Still don't got a reason! Kee done shot Damarius. So she's on her way to prison in Dayton, Ohio man. Far as hell. Damarius in the ICU. I can't see him until they call me." I explained.

"That shit is unbelievable. When all this happen?" He asked looking at me.

"Today mann. Shit is crazy. Ion know if he's cool or not. Kee got something wrong in her head. I'm living with Ken right now I guess." I stated.

"I never should've left. Niggas really laying they hands on you?"

"Hell yeah. Few days ago. 4 of them beat my ass man I never felt so tore up in my life. Then I got arrested after that for smoking on school property. But them dumbass cops ain't ask why my face was bleeding and shit." I said feeling myself getting mad all over again.

"Come to Toronto with me Jalea. Dead ass. You can't stay here no more." I looked at him and thought for a minute.

"Nah I can't do that. I would if Damarius was gone but he's still here. I can't leave him here alone. Or Ken." I explained even though the thought of leaving was tempting as fuck.

"Ken is grown. She got her own house. She know she only in school to help you. Just think about it J. You my lil sister. If you ain't safe then you need to get away. I'm leaving again tomorrow but I'll be back in a couple months so when I'm back, I'll come see you and we can talk about this some more." I nodded and hopped off the banister.

"Aight bro." Ken and Ray had came out on the porch so I gave Trey a hug and he left. I wanted to cry. But I'm not no bitch so I held it back and we got in Ken's car.

"What did he want?" Ken asked. She never did like him.

"Nothing important." Even though it was extremely important to me.

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