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I got to the hospital and asked to see Ken. I said her full name though of course. The weird thing is was that Ken wasn't at the hospital. I didn't bother calling her because she doesn't like answering her damn phone.

I drove to her house and walked inside. She was sitting on the couch half sleep. I slammed the door hard enough to make a few pictures fall off the wall. She jumped up and looked at me weirdly.

"FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" I yelled. My anger was about to be out of control.

"J calm down man what are you talking about?" She asked sitting back down.

"Your bitch ass called me talking bout you were about to die and shit. I dropped everything to fucking come here and find you high as fuck watching Baby Boy!" I sat down and tried to calm myself.

"Yo man I don't know what you're even talking about. I don't even have my phone." She stated shaking her head.

"So you really-" I stopped talking once I felt the barrel of a gun against the back of my head. Ken looked behind me and nodded her head. She set me up..

"Long time no talk." I heard the voice of 'Boss'.

"What you want man?" I asked hearing the thumping of my heart.

"Don't ask no fucking questions blood. Yo dumb ass made a commitment to me and my business. It's funny how you thought you could up and leave and work for a nigga that makes half of what I make all because your mommy came and got you. Shit is dead. You should know I don't got time for this shit. So you're coming back to work for me. May even do a little extra." He proclaimed groping my chest. Ken popped up and he pointed the gun at her.

"Aye you didn't say shit about that." She said as I tried not to throw up.

"Don't fucking try me right now. Sit back down." She sighed and sat back down.

"I don't want no problems Boss." I said shaking. Not from fear but anger. I don't know what was happening. He slightly hit me with his gun and laughed.

"Problems?! You're bout to have a ton of problems." He said reaching for my chest again. Then..I blacked out.


I woke up in a hospital bed. I didn't know what happened. I remember Ken shooting Boss and then I was back out. Worst blackout in my life. Actually my first. I still couldn't believe it happened.

A nurse walked in with a cop and she started to check the numbers and shit.

"Jalea is it? Who can we call about Kendra?" He asked.

"Me and only me. What happened?"

"You don't remember?"

"No can you just explain?!"

"A neighbor called and said they heard gun shots. We got to your friends house and found her standing next to a dead body and you knocked out on the floor. It seems that you had attacked the man before you were knocked out." He explained.

"Soo what happened to Ken? Where is she?"

"She's been arrested for 1st Degree Murder. No trial or further evidence needed. It's clear you were blacked out during this event so no witness. You won't be seeing your friend for the rest of her low dirty life.."

"FUCK OUTTA HERE BITCH. Ken ain't never do shit but defend herself. Get outta here man I don't wanna fucking see your racist, ugly, married my cousin face ass anymore." I yelled shaking my head.

I was beyond pissed off. Ken was arrested for this shit. She might have set me up but still. She should not be in jail for life. The nurse made the cop leave and I laid back. Relaxing despite what I had just heard. The drugs they were giving me was making me extremely drowsy.

I heard the door open and close and assumed it was the nurse again. Until I felt a hand on my thigh and lips on my neck.

"R-Ray?" I asked half out of it. They didn't say anything. Just kept making me feel weaker by kissing and sucking on my neck. I bit my lip as their hand traveled up my thigh and started to carress my clit.

Once they moved their lips up to mine and started to kiss me, I knew who it was. I pushed her off of me weakly and opened my eyes.

"What the fuck Tati!" I yelled.

"Jalea.. I can tell you missed me by how wet I just got you. Now Ken being in jail should not have you mad at me. She tried to set you up baby."

"It's not about Ken dumbass. I have a girlfriend waiting for me at home." I said glaring at her.

"And? She's probably happy you left. Must have 2 or 3 of her hoes with her right now. I'm here for you J." She got on top of me and held my arms down. Of course I was too weak to push her off. She went back to kissing me and I was pissed at myself for not being able to do anything about it.

Ray's POV

"Where did Jalea go?" Crys asked as I let her in the house.

"She went to Detroit yesterday and hasn't called me since. I'm real worried about her." I said shaking my head. She should have called by now to let me know she was okay.

"Well...GET THE FUCK ON THE FLOOR!" Crys yelled pulling a gun out of her pants. I looked at her wide eyed. You can't trust shit these days. I got on the floor and she laughed at me.

"You thought I was here to check on Jalea? Nah I'm here to bust a cap in yo ass. Jalea could have been all mine until you came back in her life. Now we barely even talk anymore. I seen you the other day. Cheating on her with that stripper. Man you need to cover yo tracks more. You did her dirty and she doesn't even know. You don't deserve her." I wasn't even able to say anything before-

3rd person

Crys smiled in satisfaction at the blood leaking from Ray's forehead on the floor. Then she got to cleaning it up. Meanwhile in Detroit, Tati was getting exactly what she wanted. She had Jalea on a silver platter and boy was it good.

Jalea moaning and Tati finally getting to show Jalea what her mouth could do. But the guilt Jalea would feel when she got home to see Ray was dead would be far greater than the pleasure she felt right now

To Be Continued

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