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"Wake yo ass up!!" I heard Ken yell. I opened my eyes and looked around. Then at my hand. I was holding an empty Hennessy bottle. I stood up and almost fell. Ken caught me and handed me over to Ray. "Go put her in the backseat. Shit man!" 

As Ray was walking me outside I seen the damage I did. The house was torn the fuck up. I didn't remember any of it. But I had open wounds all over my hands and bruises up my arms. I felt like a piece of shit. Ray put me in the backseat and I laid back holding my head.

When they both got in the car, all I heard was Ken telling Ray what happened. My eyes were shut and didn't want to open. I felt like I was about to throw up. I really drank the whole bottle. I could have died. I think that's the main reason Ken was so pissed. I just needed a family again. I lost my family when Aj died.

"You better not fucking throw up in my car mann!" Ken said knowing I was about to. I just laid on my back until we got to her house. She took me inside and made me go sit by the toilet. She sat next to me and looked at me.

"Soo why? Why you tell me that you was gonna be there for a little bit then try to drink yourself to death? I understand you lost your family. That does not mean kill yo self. Never. I gotta go to work. But Ray is cooking burgers. Eat after you throw up please. I don't need throw up in my kitchen." She got up and left.

I'm always fucking up. Should have never agreed to this drug business or hit Tatiana. She was cool. Now she ain't ever gonna want to talk to me again.

As soon as I felt the alcohol come up, I lifted the toilet seat and puked into the toilet. When I say my throat burned when I was done, I meant that with all my heart. Alcohol may burn a little when going down but coming back up that shit is like acid.

I brushed my teeth and drank some water. I was starving. I went downstairs to the kitchen and sat at the table with my head down.

"Hungry?" Ray asked.

"Hell yeah." I said roughly. My voice was fucked up. She sat a plate in front of me and a water bottle.

"Eat up." She said sitting in the chair next to me with her plate. I sat up and ate my food. It was delicious. It hurt everytime I swallowed but it was worth it.

I was wide awake after I finished it. I wasn't over my hangover but I was good. We sat in silence for a while before she spoke up.

"It don't gotta be all awkward because I kissed you. Alright it was a mistake." She said.

"Nah nah you can't say that. I kissed you after that. To me it wasn't no mistake." I stated. She looked at me weirdly.

"Oh really? So you wasn't high or drunk or nothing like that?" She asked making a doubtful face.

"Damn. Okay I'm not about to lie. I was higher than a muhfucka. But I'm not high right now and I would do the exact same thing again." I was being real brave. She stared at me for way too long.

I was getting tired of it so I just leaned in and kissed her. I was on no games. I needed her to get rid of my headache. She leaned in kissing me back and putting her hand on my thigh.

Her touch got me wet as hell. I wish I was lying. She started to kiss down to my neck and stopped there. Sucking on the weakest spots.

I hadn't noticed her hand in my pants. She started to play with my clit and swirl her tongue around on my neck. She had me feeling so..different. She was getting close to sliding in a finger then we heard the front door open.

She pulled away from me looking pissed. She just took our plates to the sink. Ken walked in and grabbed a plate.

"I drove that whole hour there and that bitch was closed." Ken said shaking her head. Ray left the kitchen after slamming the fridge door closed. I scratched my head when Ken looked in Ray's path confused.

"What's wrong with her?" She asked me. I just shrugged my shoulders and got up.

"Ion know man. I'm gonna go upstairs." I went up to my room and got on my phone. I was going to text Ray but my other phone flashed up.

Boss: Got some drops for you. Be here asap.

Me: ight.

I looked in the mirror. Still in the same clothes from yesterday plus a couple hickeys Ray left on my neck. I quickly put on some loose jeans, a hoodie, and Timbs. I put my hair in a messy bun and grabbed my own car keys.

I left without telling anyone and walked to my car at home. I drove to the trap and walked inside. It was so loud. I found Boss in the kitchen talking to some of his people.

"Aye." I said getting his attention. He looked at me and reached in his pocket. He handed me a list.

"No drops tonight. Just get my money. Those are the addresses and how much they owe me. Get my money. Dead or alive just get the money." I stuffed the list into my pocket and nodded.

"Aight." I turned to head out but he stopped me.

"I want you to take my youngin' right there." He pointed across the room to a girl sitting at the table watching some guys play poker. She was a tomboy. Short hair cut and diamonds in both ears. She had style.

"Ight bet." I walked over to her. "Come on." She looked up and followed me outside. We got in my car and I put the first address into my phone.

"Finally. This is my first job." The girl said.

"Mine too. What's yo name?" I asked pulling off and following the directions.

"Dom. You?"

"Just call me J. Boss called you a youngin?"

"I'm 13. He took me in off the streets." She explained.

"Oh aight. Makes sense then." I pulled up at the first house and we went inside. My clip was in my pocket. Easy access. I knocked on the door and a woman answered.

"Yes?" She looked like a bum ass crackwhore.

"You owe 350 and I'm sure you know what for." I said. She attempted to close the door but Dom slammed her body into it. The woman fell to the floor and hit her head.

"Fuck. It's in the drawer over there." I watched her while Dom went to get the money. We left and went to the next place.

Dom was pretty good at this.

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