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Bria in media.

It was our last period. Dion and I were talking but I couldn't help but notice a boy staring into my soul from across the room. I stopped talking and looked at him with confusion. What the hell was he staring at me for?

"Why is Marcus staring at you like he wants to kill you?" Dion asked.

"Man I don't know but it's making me mad." I got up and walked over to Marcus. He kept his eyes on me the whole time.

"What you keep staring at me for?" I asked sitting next to him.

"You used to work for...Boss?" He asked. A hint of fear creeped up on me.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Marcus. You're Jalea right? Yeah my dad told me to look out for you. You were supposed to call him when you got here. Now he's mad. Better watch out. Never know who in this school or at your mom's job, or anywhere, works for my dad. Better find that number quick too." He explained smirking.

I had fear running through my whole body. Oh shit. I got back up and went back to sit next to Dion.

"What was that about? You look scared." Dion said. I just stared at my desk and shook my head. I did not want to talk about it at all. A girl walked over and sat on my desk.

"I'm Julissa. You are?" She asked smiling at me. She wasn't ugly or anything.

"Uninterested." I said bluntly. Her smile faded.

"Don't be so mean. I'm not a hoe if Dion said that. I just talk a lot. Maybe we can be friends?" She asked.

"Maybe. Probably not." I said still looking at my desk. Probably looked like I was staring at her thighs but I can't help if she sat where I was staring.

"Please?" She consistently begged until I finally looked up at her.

"Alright girl damn. My name is J. You can write your number down." I said.

"Finally. But no. I want your number. Can't get off that easy." She took my phone out of my pocket and got my number. When she handed it back, class was over. Marcus gave me one last look before walking out.

I walked outside with Dion and we met up at Bria's car.

"Ready?" Bria asked us. We both nodded and got in the car. She dropped Dion off first then parked in her driveway. I walked over to my house and went in to pack my bag for Mikayla's house.

I closed and locked my closet door. I had to take care of something. I dug through my bag that I hid and found my gun. I had took it from Damarius. He always kept a gun in his closet so I brought it with me. Through my clothes of course.

I took it out and loaded it. I put the safety on and put it inside my right Bordeaux shoe. I packed the bag and texted my mom to tell her I was spending the night at a friend's house.

I was about to leave the closet until I heard something in my room fall over. I grabbed the gun and held my ear to the door. It sounded like they were just walking back and forth. I opened the door and held the gun up. It was Bria.

"Oh my god!" She screamed as I put the gun away.

"Bria don't tell my mom." I said walking up to her.

"Can my heart get back in place please? Lord Jesus help this girl. You almost shot me!" She yelled clutching her heart.

"You didn't text me or say anything. I'm sorry. I just gotta keep my guard up." I explained.

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