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^ Tati ^
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I woke up this morning feeling happier. AJ was still on my mind. I got up and almost jumped to the roof when I seen Tati sitting in my chair.

"What are you doing in here?" I asked sitting up. She looked at me and smiled.

"I know I kinda got yelled at yesterday for coming onto you but I still want you J." I shook my head.

"You gotta go. I told Kee I wouldn't fuck with you." I stated rubbing my eyes.

"She doesn't know I'm here and the door is locked. I can make it quick." She said sitting next to me on the bed. "I mean I know you're a stud and all but I can still please you too." She said putting her hand on my thigh.

I grabbed her hand and stopped her.

"Babygirl don't play with me. I can make you feel good as hell and then never talk to you again. I don't think you want that." I said getting up from bed. It was Saturday. I had no clothes in here. They were all AJ's.

I started looking through the dresser and anger rushed through me. AJ didn't actually die from overdose. She was murdered by this guy. And had been drugged so it was ruled as an overdose.

I was there when it happened though. I was so so angry. Then Tati started massaging my back. I turned around and slammed her into the wall. I held her arms up and started kissing her neck and shoulders.

I knew I had scared her so I stopped.

"Get out." I said going back to find some clothes. She walked out after another minute of silence and she didn't come back. I took a pair of AJ's favorite joggers, her red Billionaire Boys shirt and her brown baseball hat.

I took a quick shower then got dressed. I put on my black Timbs and went downstairs. Damarius was on the couch.

"Where you going?" He asked.

"Ken's house." I said waiting for him to say I could go.

"Aight. Don't get in no trouble J." He stated. I nodded and left the house. Ken was already outside waiting. I got in her car and noticed a girl in the back. Another stud.

"Who you?" I asked looking back at her. She looked tall as hell sitting where she was.

"Ray." She said without another word. I looked at Ken weirdly. She laughed and shook her head.

"Nosey ass. She's my friend from FL. Just moved here." Ken said turning into the drive thru of McDonald's.

"Ohh. Ight." My phone rang with Kee's face on the screen. I sighed and answered.

"What?" I said turning my hat around.

"Why you still fucking with Tati? After you promised you wouldn't!" She yelled.

"Yo what? Check that bitch. She was in my room when I woke up and I sent her out. Stop believing her before me and stop calling me on bullshit Kee." I hung up after Ken had finished ordering.

"So that's what went on yesterday in my bathroom. You and Tati was fucking?" I shook my head.

"Nah man. We was about to. Sorry about that. Then Kee called and gave us both a lecture. Shit Ion wanna fw her. I mean she's lowkey crazy. Like I said, I want a girl but not her." I explained calming down.

"So what you looking for?" She asked.

"Ion even know." I said. She handed me a bag of food.

"Aye look through that and get yo stuff out. I got what you always get." I got my food out the bag and handed it to Ray.

"Is Ray yo nickname?" I asked.

"Yeah. My name is Suriya. Anything else you wanna know?" She asked with attitude in her voice. Who the fuck?

"Well shit my bad. Got yo boxers shoved up your asshole?" Ken glared at me. Ray laughed sarcastically and ate her food.

"Just keep ya words in yo mouth J." Ken said driving to her house. Now I had an attitude. Ion know who this Suriya bitch thinks she is but she can chill on me. Shit.

We went in the house and I sat in my usual spot and ate while rolling up. Ray sat across from me and did the same. Ken came in after sitting besides me.

"You talk to her yet?" She asked Ray.

"Fuck her." Oh she's mad about relationship problems.

"Come on man. You know damn well you loved her."

"So what. She ain't love me clearly. Should've never dated her in the first place." She said rolling her eyes.

"Why not date a fem?" Ken said which made me look up.

"She was a stud?" I asked. Ray looked up and nodded. "That shit is-" I was cut off by Ken smacking her hand over my mouth. Ray glared at me as did Ken.

"If you got a problem with what I like I honestly don't care. Seriously." Ray stated getting up and walking outside. Ken uncovered my mouth and stared at me.

"What man? Sorry but that stud on stud shit is nasty and weird as fuck. I don't understand it." I said.

"Aye if you don't understand it, do not speak on it. Especially around Ray." Ken exclaimed standing up.

"Damn alright. Bout busted my lip." I stated getting on Twitter and taking a hit off my blunt. I never said I was done smoking. Only drinking.

I rolled my eyes when Kee called me for the second time.

"What Kee?" I answered.

"Jalea come home now! Damarius got shot!!" I quickly put my blunt out and started panicking.

"I'm on my way." I said hanging up.

"What's wrong with you?" Ken asked.

"Damarius got shot." I ran outside and ran all the way home. I had left my phone and everything. I ran so fast it didn't take long. When I got inside I realized that Kee hadn't called the cops or anything.

"Kee what the fuck?!" I ran to Damarius who was bleeding out onto the floor and coughing.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't call them." She said looking blankly at the floor. Something was wrong with her. She wasn't sad.

"Why not?!" I yelled pressing my hand on the gun wound.

"I shot him."

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