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^ Ray ^

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I used my key to get inside the house. Ray was sleep on the couch with a full bowl of chips about to fall on the floor. I put the bowl on the table and jumped when I seen Ken walk in from around the corner.

"Aye I'm sorry about earlier. I was mad about something." Ken said apologizing.

"It's over with dude. I don't even care." I was high as fuck. Even drank a little.

"Did you smoke before you came here?" Ken asked.

"Yeah I did. I'm going to bed." I picked up the bowl of chips and stuffed some into my mouth. Ken shook her head and went back upstairs. Her loud ass feet woke Ray up.

"Give me my chips back." She said rubbing her eyes.

"You good." I walked away with them and went to my room. I kicked my boots off and looked in the mirror. I looked good still. My eyes were just red and my hair was a bit more messy.

I unbuttoned my shirt and ate some more chips. Ray walked in and took the chips back. I was so hungry.

"You want some taco bell?" Ray asked like she was reading my mind.

"Hell yeah." I responded.

"Let's go." I followed her out to the car and she drove to Taco Bell. After we got our food, we sat in the parking lot on the cold gravel eating our food.

"You always been stud and stud phobic?" Ray asked awkwardly. I froze.

"Uhh not really. I just never understood that." I confessed.

"But what if you ended up liking a stud? Would you tell her or keep that to yourself? What if she were discriminatory towards studs but you wanted to tell her that you were like in love with her or something?" Ray asked leaning against her car.

"Umm why you asking all this?" I said sipping on my soda.

"I'm just asking. This stuff has happened to me. I had to keep my feelings to myself for years. When I told the girl, she just about beat my ass. Called me gay. Ain't that some shit. Knowing damn well she was just as gay as me." She explained shaking her head.

"Alright it does seem pretty dumb now." I admitted. Let alone the fact that Suriya was absolutely gorgeous.

"It is dumb. We all women. I don't know what the problem is with us being comfortable with what we wear and how we look." She rolled her eyes and got up to throw her trash in the trash can on the sidewalk.

I felt bad. I had been discriminatory towards stud on stud relationships for years and now I was talking to her about this. It made sense. You fall in love with who you fall in love with. You like what you like.

I sighed and threw my stuff away too. We got back in the car and she turned on Jhene Aiko.

"I'm sorry for what I said earlier. When you was talking bout ya ex. I take it back." I said.

"It's all good. I get over stuff like that pretty quick." She was staring at me hard. I began to feel nervous.

"Thinking about something?" I asked.

"Yeah..why?" She asked without breaking her gaze.

"Oh I don't know you're just kinda star-" I was cut off by a kiss. I was so shocked that I pulled away fast as hell. She laughed at herself and started the car.

"Bad idea." She said to herself. I wanted to tell her it wasn't but I couldn't make the words out. She turned the music up and drove us home. She looked embarrassed. Who wouldn't be?

She pulled into the driveway and turned the car off. She reached for the door handle but I grabbed her other arm.


"Hm?" She wasn't looking at me. So I dominantly but gently grabbed her chin and turned her face towards me. I kissed her full on this time. She kissed back eventually grabbing my hand.

We started to get more into it and Ray had her hand between my legs. Then someone knocked on the window. We both pulled away as fast as possible. Ken was standing there looking confused.

We got out of the car and went inside.

"Let's go. I got some questions." Ken pulled me upstairs to my room. She pushed me in and shut the door.

I sat down and avoided making eye contact. My cheeks were bout red as hell and I could feel it.

"Jalea! What was that?!" Ken asked yelling at me.

"Can you calm down? It's not a big deal." I stated knowing damn well it was. I had no idea what was going through my mind. I was fried.

"It is a big deal. You don't even like studs. She just got hurt and I know you would hurt her too." She exclaimed with a constant glare.

"Ken. I'm not gonna hurt her. That was a... Mistake. It won't even happen again." I said while thinking about doing it again.

"Alright Jalea. I'll believe that for now." She left my room to go talk to Suriya. I got up and went to the bathroom. I hid my gun in my bag and undressed. I took my hair out and got in the shower.

I knew I shouldn't mess with Ray but she has some nice lips. I washed my hair and my body then stood there under the water just thinking. I'm now in the drug business. I have to get a nigga to fall in love with me. Damarius may or may not ever wake up. I think I like Ray.

I could get hurt. I could get killed. I don't want to put Ray through that. So I'll do my best to stay away from her. I have to do my best to keep my new job a secret from Ken and everyone else for that matter. If Damarius woke up to find out I was selling drugs...boy he would kill me then go right back into a coma.

I just need to be careful. That's all I can do.

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