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My mom walked in my room with a white box and a gift bag for me I think. She sat them on my desk and smiled at me. I was half sleep with Ray passed out next to me. My mom left my room and I sat up to look at my phone. It was 9am and today I would be moving into my own place and enrolling at colleges. 

It would be hard to enroll for colleges out of state when I have people that would kill me if I left the drug business. I got out of bed and scratched my stomach as I walked into the bathroom. I took care of my business and went to look at what my mom brought me. I looked at the white box and smiled. They were donuts with red and black colored icing and silver sprinkles. She knows I love donuts. 

I looked in the gift bag and took out a note.

'Jalea, I know you love to be super independent and your job pays well enough to buy your own house but I want to spoil my daughter. At noon, go to this address. It is your new house that I want you to make your own. There will be a guy from the furniture store to take orders of whatever type of furniture you want and you can even choose the paint colors. Love you babygirl.' -Mom 

I was straight about to cry. I didn't want to wake up Ray though so I went to take a shower and get ready. While I was getting ready, Ray woke up and rolled out of my bed right onto the floor. This girl has real mental problems I swear.

"Fuck is wrong with you?" I asked with a laugh.

"Help me up." She begged rolling onto her back. I grabbed her hand and pulled her off the floor. She hugged and kissed me while singing good morning.

"Okay so you are gonna help me move today. Please?"

"Of course I will babe duh. What am I here for?"

"To love me. You can go ahead and get ready. I still need to do my hair and find some boxes." I said sitting down at my desk. She kissed my forehead again and went into the bathroom.

I plugged in my flat iron and blow dried my hair before straightening it. I ate some donuts and looked through my closet for a shirt to put on. While I was looking, Ray came up behind me and started kissing on my neck. I bit my lip and grabbed the shelf.

"Ray it is not the time." I said weakly. Her fingertips caressed my waist while moving down to the top of my sweatpants.

"That's not my name." She said roughly before biting my neck and sliding her hand into my pants. Her other arm held me against her as her fingers inched towards my area.

"S-stop" I moaned as she slowly ran her fingers up and down my clit.

"I want it now and you need it. So I'm gonna give it." She whispered in my ear. Whenever she got really aggressive I just wanted her to tear me up. She always had me feeling like a weak ass bitch doing shit like this but I couldn't help myself with her.

"Ray we have to pack." I said still moaning.

"Did I ask? I said that's not my name. Now get your ass up on this table." She said sounding more mean. I did exactly as she said. She pushed me back and started kissing and licking my chest. I was really getting weak everytime she got lower.

She pulled my pants down and put her head between her legs. I gasped as she started fingering me and swirling her tongue around on my clit. It was instant satisfaction that I wasn't expecting.

"Fucck Papi." I stuttered out my words trying to stay quiet for the sake of my mom. That's the shit I'm talking about.

I held onto the edge of the table as I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life. I had no idea what had got into Ray but damn. I was feeling sensational. She stood up straight and licked her lips.

"Next time get my name right." She said with a smirk as I tried to regain my strength. She walked back into my room and I got off the table, catching my breath. God damn.

I finished getting dressed and Ray and I started packing up my clothes and stuff. It took almost all morning. Then we called a moving truck. I grabbed my key and went outside to direct the movers inside. Then Ray and I went to look at my new house.

I parked out front and stared at the house in awe. It was soo nice. Two story, two car garage, brand new everything. We went inside and heard some people talking. The furniture guy and contractor.

Ray went to go look around while I went to talk to the furniture guy. He handed me a catalog and I chose everything that I wanted. The color scheme to my house was black, gray, and dark blue.

I chose the paint colors for each room, then I went to find Ray. She was in the master bedroom looking out the window at the backyard. I stood next to her and smiled. I felt secure. The pool in the back glistened with clear blue water. Real palm trees surrounded it with a full bar and lawn chairs.

"This place is everything I have ever wanted." Ray said jealously. I laughed and hugged her.

"Well you got it. Did you think you would just be living somewhere else? Nooo I need you here with me." I explained looking up at her. She smiled her beautiful smile and gave me a kiss.

"I'm gonna marry you one day. I can guarantee that Jalea. Honest to God. If I don't get to marry you then I won't get married." She said making me blush.

"Baby stoppp. I love you so much."

"I love you more. Now you wanna show me what you plan on doing with this room?"

"Oh yeah. I already chose the furniture too-" I was cut off by Ken's ringtone playing.

"Hello?" I answered.

"J I was calling because I have some bad news." She said with a shaky voice.

"What? What's wrong?" I asked getting worried.

"I got shot the other day man. 3 times. Doctor's didn't think it was that serious until now. Said I got a week or less to live." She said while crying. I was sorta speechless with a knot in my throat.

"I'm coming to Detroit Ken. On God you stay your ass alive until I get there!" I hung up the phone and held my tears in. "Ray I have to go back to Detroit for a little while. For Ken. Can you handle this?"

"Well of course I can but what's wrong?" She asked worriedly.

"She's dying and I have to go. I love you and I'll call you when I get there." I ran outside to my car and straight to the airport. No clothes, no bags, nothing. Just my keys and my phone. Not even a charger. I was just worried about making it to Detroit in time.

To Be Continued.

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