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Ken in media

* * *

I opened the door and let Ken inside. We went to my room to talk. Tatiana was asleep so we sat on my bed and she got on her phone.

Ken's real name is Kendra but that doesn't fit her image as she says. She's an AG all the way. She has black dreads and is almost 6'1.

"Aight so I heard some shit about this girl Nye you talkin' to." She said handing me her phone. I looked at it and scrolled through the messages.

I got so mad. I was about to make Nye my girlfriend but that's out of my mind now. The messages were between Nye and Ken. Nye was flirting and asking to chill with Ken. Of course Ken didn't flirt back, she's my bestfriend.

"Mann what the fuck?" I handed her phone back and rolled my eyes.

"That's not it. She has a baby boy and she got married at 16." I stared at her wide eyed.

"Bruh why the fuck God keep throwing these bum bitches at me. I want a fucking girlfriend! Not a hoe." I said sighing.

"Look bro. You clearly wanna get ya mind off this. Think you can get outta here for a few hours?" She asked looking at Tatiana.

"Yeah. She ain't gon say shit if she wakes up." We got up and guess who else got up. Tatiana.

"Where the hell you think you going?!" She asked hopping off the bed and crossing her arms. We both looked at her and laughed.

"So you like eavesdropping? Why you worried about it anyways?" I asked putting on my glasses.

"Because your brother will yell at me for letting you leave. I'm in charge of you for the day." She explained.

"Come with us then." Ken said looking at her phone. She looked nervous for a minute before agreeing to come along. We went out to Ken's car and she drove us to her crib.

Two girls from school were here watching TV. I sat down on the loveseat with Tatiana and Ken sat between the two girls. Ken and I started rolling up a blunt. Tatiana stared at it hesitantly. I laughed and lit it taking a hit.

"Here." I said handing it to Tati. She took it from my hand and imitated me as she took a hit. She coughed and blew the smoke into the air. I took it back and the kickback began. We had food, may have been drinking, and we had music.

"Y'all together?" One of the girls asked Tati and I.

"Nah." I said passing the blunt. Tati put her arm around my shoulder.

"That don't mean try to talk to her either." Ken raised her eyebrows as did I. What the fuck is she talking about?

"Can I talk to you in the bathroom?" I asked her. She nodded and stood up. She followed me to the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

"The hell you mean don't try to talk to me? I want them to!" I said looking at her like she was crazy.

"You don't need them though Jalea. Shit stop playing with me. Your sister ain't here." She said sitting on the sink. I bit my lip looking at her. She's serious? And almost sober? Ah shit.

"Tati what the hell?" I was so confused.

"I want you J." She said seductively. Ah shitttt.

I grabbed her waist and kissed her. Her hands tugged at my shirt while we made out. I was high as heaven but shit I knew what I was doing. I started kissing on her neck and she quietly moaned my name. I gripped her ass as I bit her neck.

Then my sister's ringtone cut us off and I instantly felt bad. I stepped away from Tatiana and answered the phone.

"Yeah?" I said ignoring Tatiana kissing my neck.

"Where did y'all go?" She asked sounding annoyed.

"We just went to the store." I said knowing I sounded faded.

"Well come home. We gotta talk." She said hanging up. I put my phone back in my pocket and Tatiana pulled me back.

"Tatiana stop. This ain't right." I said looking down at her thighs. My mind was telling me to fuck her shit up but God was telling me to leave her alone.

"But I want you." She said pouting.

"Come on." We left the bathroom and I told Ken that we had to go. She took us home and we went inside to my room. Kee was sitting on my bed. I sat down and laid back covering my eyes.

"The store huh? Why is Tati's lipstick on your neck? Lea you're all the way gone right now! What the fuck Tati come with me!" She grabbed Tati and pulled her out of the room. Fuck. She's too good at realizing this shit.

I sighed and took off my shirt and changed my pants to basketball shorts. I heard Kee yelling loud as hell. It would only be worse for me.

She came back 10 minutes later without Tati. She sat next to me and started crying. I sat up wide eyed.

"Kee why are you crying?!" I asked. I get scared when people cry. Especially since my family is know for never crying.

"I love you Jalea. I love you so much and I feel like you don't love me or Damarius. What is up with you? What is going through your head? Sneaking out. Smoking weed, drinking alcohol, messing with Tatiana? You are 17 years old! AJ died from drinking! We can't lose another sister." She just had to bring up AJ. Our sister who died a year ago from overdosing.

"Alright Kee stop crying. I'm gonna get my act together. I'm done drinking. I know what me and Tati did was wrong and I'm sorry for that. I'll try my best not to get arrested anymore." I said in all honesty. For the most part.

She hugged me tightly and got up.

"Good. Now come on. You're moving into AJ's room." She said walking out. I was shocked. We hadn't even opened her door since she died. AJ was just like me. Two years older. She liked girls too. Died right when she found a good girl.

I went into her room with Kee and we were both silent as we looked around. Her pictures, her CD's, her clothes, everything was exactly the way she left it. Kee gave me a sad smile before leaving the room.

I laid down in her bed and smelled the pillows. Then I started crying. What is up with all these tears today?

"AJ I miss you so much... Every single part of me is broken. You were my rock and you crumbled right under me. I still can't believe you're really gone. You were my bestfriend. Closest person I ever had. I'll see you next lifetime sis." I sobbed into the pillow until I eventually fell asleep.

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