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My Bully (Lesbian) (Completed) by YoungkaykaybabeBoyd
My Bully (Lesbian) (Completed)by IG: Care.Less.Kay
  • lesbian
  • fiction
  • girlxgirl
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Merlyn - Arthur x Female Merlin [1] by lover_of_historias
Merlyn - Arthur x Female Merlin [1]by lover_of_historias
No young man or woman, no matter how great, can know their destiny. They cannot glimpse their part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone, they must l...
  • emrys
  • fem
  • bradleyjames
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(Complete) Never Knew Wat I Had Until I Met U (Lesbian Story) by YoungkaykaybabeBoyd
(Complete) Never Knew Wat I Had Un...by IG: Care.Less.Kay
king is a stud she loves to have sex. when brook gets in the picture. will she change king into a new person?
  • drama
  • fem
  • lesbian
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Controled (Mafia!Pharah x Reader x Mafia!Mercy) by Katrinaistrashhh
Controled (Mafia!Pharah x Reader x...by Katrinaistrashhh
Y/n L/n, a young musician looking to make a name for herself, so when she turns 18, she moves to New York. When she gets there, she soon figures out that it's not all ju...
  • angela
  • femalereader
  • romance
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wreckless 🌈 | koxkeh by icyclit
wreckless 🌈 | koxkehby fag daddy 🌈⚡️
THIS IS A STUD X FEM (if you didn't know kodie shane was a stud) STORY . IF YA DON'T LIKE MY SHIT , KINDLY CLICK THE BACK BUTTON AND DON'T WASTE MY TIME . anyways keep r...
  • kodieshane
  • stud
  • studxfem
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Falling for a Mechanic: BeyNika Short Story by SelfMadeBitch
Falling for a Mechanic: BeyNika Sh...by Bougie
What happens when Onika Maraj meets the mechanic working on her car at her baby daddy's auto shop? Watch as Onika's relationship with her mechanic develops into a romanc...
  • love
  • affair
  • hurt
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My Love (studxfem) by camryn_57
My Love (studxfem)by camryn_57
Just read it
  • lesbian
  • stud
  • love
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Erotic Short Stories by herlittleone2112
Erotic Short Storiesby herlittleone2112
A soon to be multitude of erotic short stories. A taste of "Cade and Nienna" "When she doesn't pull away i let them journey down to her perfectly round...
  • stud
  • erotic
  • lgbt
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Forbidden Love - Merlyn [2] by lover_of_historias
Forbidden Love - Merlyn [2]by lover_of_historias
Merlyn and Arthur Pendragon are two sides of the same coin. They're destinies entwined. Merlyn had saved Arthur from vengeful mothers, cheating knights, watery plagues...
  • uther
  • arthurianlegend
  • bbc
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The Emperor And The Empress by Bluemoon609
The Emperor And The Empressby Bluemoon609
"Since I always win I'm always right" that what he say all the time, Akashi Seijuro There is someone who reversed that, someone who defeated him in the past An...
  • fem
  • kurokonobasket
  • seijuro
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AT LONG LAST by Y1ndao
Herakles Potter knew she was odd. Exactly how odd turned out to be far odder than she originally thought. This is a Fem!Harry fanfiction Crossover with Percy Jackson. Hu...
  • crossover
  • angst
  • harrypotter
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A New Life: Kuchiki Hikari (Fem!Naruto and Bleach Crossover) by Kurosaki_Yukia
A New Life: Kuchiki Hikari (Fem!Na...by Kurosaki_Yukia
A story in which Sasuke accidentally killed Naruto in The Valley of the End, Sasuke didn't leave because of that. And Naruto live a new life as the adopted daughter of S...
  • narutoinseireitei
  • naruto
  • narutoandbleachcrossoverfanfiction
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The Preacher's Wives by CeeAh_doll
The Preacher's Wivesby Cece' Brenea
" Let the Church Say ... Amen " "Amen " "Amennnnn" .... I Clap my hands with the church congress and feel a hand coming up my long brow...
  • complete
  • gay
  • fem
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The Fem Boy And The Bad Boy (BXB) by fransykeshoe
The Fem Boy And The Bad Boy (BXB)by Oscar
August Howell a very feminine boy, In words August was a cross dresser. So when August joins Maple Mount Academy, What happens when the schools bad boy Evan Gallagah bec...
  • love
  • badboy
  • feminine
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Girl Next Door by SlimeBossKai
Girl Next Doorby SlimeBossKai
Armoni is a 19 year old stud that is moving from Compton to Baton rouge Louisiana with her mom. What happens when she moves next door to nba youngboy's house and she mee...
  • love
  • boomer
  • life
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Close Friends {Stud4Stud} by DemoniicDessii
Close Friends {Stud4Stud}by dessii 💕💕💕
They Both had girlfriends but the feelings weren't toward their girlfriends it was towards each other. One was a cheating player who didn't know how to keep her tongue...
  • lesbian
  • fem
  • lies
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EMPIRE by loveariaaaa
EMPIREby aria
Tetsumi is the fairest of them all; and since she is the fairest among the Empire, there are Royalties who wouldn't think twice to kill just to have her and that include...
  • fem
  • aokuro
  • kuroko
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Neglected Uzumaki- Indestructible Gun spell Mistress DISCONTINUED/Remastered by Gracyfangirl2020
Neglected Uzumaki- Indestructible...by Janice M.
fem!Naruto What if? Minato survived the sealing as Kushina What if? Naruto was female and neglected for his siblings because they have the Kyuubi and not her? Wha...
  • kyuubi
  • guns
  • cool
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Brown Eyed Boy (Joshler | DDLB) by lgndnmywnmnd
Brown Eyed Boy (Joshler | DDLB)by pipsqueak
"You know, my dad won't like you. He doesn't like anybody. Not even me, so... good luck." - daddy!protective!josh little!fem!shy!tyler
  • 21p
  • gay
  • joshdun
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The Beautiful Life  by KaytiKitty
The Beautiful Life by Catty Kayt B.
The only reason Brock got into the expensive, prestigious, all boys school was because he was an A+ student, with perfect records and skill at almost anything he does...
  • daithidenogla
  • bbs
  • h2odelirious
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