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"Will you marry me?" Ray asked as soon as I woke up. I sat up and rubbed my eyes then looked at her crazy.

"Suriya McGuire. Did you really just ask me that?" I asked. She laughed and nodded.

"I'm extremely serious right now. I've lost too much time without you and now I'm ready to spend the rest of my life with you. Close your eyes." She said. I looked at her in disbelief and she just covered my eyes with her hand.

"Okay so you should know I'm serious but this should prove it." She moved her hand and I looked down at her hand. She was holding a ring box with a huge gold and diamond ring.

"Baby.." I was starstruck.

"Yes or no?" She asked. "I can save it for later."

"Yes I'll marry you Ray." I said.

"J. You for real?" She asked making a face. I laughed and hit her shoulder.

"Yes nigga give me the ring!" She laughed and put the ring on my finger. Then I side tackled her with a hug and attacked her face with kisses.

"I have to go take a shower babe. Calm yo ass down." She said getting up. I laughed and laid back.

"Have funn." I said with a smile. She went into the bathroom and locked the door. I immediately picked up her phone. Shit if I was about to marry her, I needed to know that I could actually trust her.

I got into it and went to her text messages. She had a conversation with someone named Lola.

Lola- Did the money transfer?

Ray- Yep I just checked. But guess what.. Jalea got out of prison.

Lola- Wtf how? I thought she was in there for good.

Ray- Yeah me too. But someone anonymously gave a tip to the police and now she's out.

Lola- You should see if you can get more money out of her. Ya know, go to T and ask if he'll pay to break her heart all over again.

Ray- That would be dope babe good thinking. I'm about to try and "apologize" to her so I'll let you know how that goes.

Lola- Okay love.

I put her phone down and laughed to myself. Fuck Ray. FOR REAL. I took the ring off trying to hold myself back from crying and lashing out. My love just flew out the window. How could she act so sorry and in love?

I can't believe I let her see me at my lowest point so many times. I got up from bed and went to get dressed. I put on some joggers, a blank red tee, and red Vans. I put a beanie on and grabbed my keys and phone.

I ran and got in my car and drove off to Crys's house. I was sitting out front and texted her.

Me- Are you home?

Crys- Yeah why?

Me- Come outside. I need to talk

Crys- Be right out.

I sighed and waited for her to come outside. She seen my car and walked up to it. She got inside looking kinda nervous.

"Did I do something again?" She asked. I shook my head.

"Do you know who got me out of jail?" I asked. She nodded her head and looked down.

"Well who was it?" I asked.

"It was me.. I didn't tell you because you were caught up with Ray and Sienna and I didn't want to interfere." She explained. I hugged her tightly hiding how sad I really was.

"I wish you had told me. Ray is a dumb fuck that I wish I never met." I said shaking my head.

"What did she do this time?" Crys asked.

"She did it all just to hurt me and get money. I found a conversation between her and some bitch I think she's dating and anyways the bitch told Ray to see if she could get more money out of hurting me again. Ray agreed and this morning she asked to marry me. I looked at the conversation after that." I said angrily.

"I can't believe her. I can't believe I helped her! I should have got the money on my own. You shouldn't have had to get hurt because of it." She said getting mad too.

"It's bool now. Fuck her. I'm kicking her out my house to-fucking-day and she's not gonna hit me with no more bullshit ass explanations for the shit she does. Like I said to Bria, I'm still J. I'm back to pimpin. Ray is gon realize. I have to go. Thank you for telling me though." I explained.

"No problem. Give her hell." She got out the car and I sped off back home. I went inside and up to my room. Ray was dressed and sitting on my bed with her phone in hand.

"Hey where did you go? Why'd you take the ring off?" She asked pointing to the ring.

"I want you out my house. Don't ask no fucking questions. Don't try to tell me shit. Get the fuck out, take your clothes, take the ring, take everything of yours. If you say anything to me, you better pray that I don't bust a cap in yo ass." I said before going back downstairs.

I grabbed my bottle of peach flavored vodka and poured some. I am only 20 so I can't buy my own alcohol but I got connects. I poured some and drank it while Ray came downstairs with her bags.

She looked at me with tears and I just laughed.

"Get out my house man." I said after sipping my drink. She shook her head and left. I'm over trying to have a girl. I'm over trying to be happy man fuck it.

I texted Bria. Don't ask why.

Me- You busy?

Bri- Nah why?

Me- You tryna come have a drink and match with me?

Bri- Wtf. You fr right now?

Me- Yeah man come on

Bri- Lucky I'm your friend. I'll be over soon.

I rolled my eyes and went to make sure Ray's shit was gone. I cleaned my room and started rolling blunts. Finally Bria got here and came to my room.

"I have arrived." She said in a rude tone at my door. I looked at her and couldn't believe my eyes. She was dressed like a stud.

"What's all that for?" I asked.

"This suits me better. Don't you think?" She asked.

"Yeah I guess. Come on. We going to the theater room." I said grabbing the six blunts I rolled and my cup of 'juice'.

She followed me downstairs to the kitchen where we mixed some more drinks then we went to the theater room in the basement.

We got situated and I turned on Dope. My favorite movie now. I lit a blunt and lit hers. We smoked all the blunts and drank all our drinks. When the movie went off, we just sat there.

"So where is Ray?" She asked.

"Don't ask bout her. That's why you're here." I said.

"You hate being alone don't you?" She asked looking at me.

"Maybe." I said.

"You don't have to be alone. You can settle down ya know?"

"Nah nah I'm over trying that shit. For now at least." I said shaking my head.

"Well did you think about what I told you?" She asked.

"Yeahh I mean good for you but like I said, I don't want a relationship anytime soon. We can still fuck though." I said in all seriousness.

"Right here?" She asked standing up.

"Yeah. You gon strip for me?" I asked smirking.

"I got you daddy." She said turning some music on her phone. I don't know why girls wanna start calling me Daddy all of a sudden but I was liking that shit.

So I watched her strip and she made it oh so sexy.

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